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I'd like to join war


I am Kill_Bears and i like to join war clan please!

i am a good fighter and a good player

so please let me be in war clan

and i will do my best!


hi welcome to the forum kill bears stick around and try to get like 50 post so we can get to know you more and we'll start voting then

megaphone Hey you bear BEAR FUCKER! Do you need assistance?

Hey good luck joining WaR.

yo kill bears welcome to tha war spot where black folks dominate and asians get raped stick around and try to get around 50 posts so we can get to know you

what the FUCK about the whites maaaan thats discrimination dewd

wtf are you talking about


Lol.well my first word to you is> NEVER BELIEVE THE BLACKS THEY ONLY WANT TO RUA.and they only say yamean and kbye,so its really gay.I see your in DOD so tell nem hi,and around here,Asians are the top of the food chain.So good luck with your application.

no triclone, yamean is vemons word me and sat just copy him and i got kbye from sat i think.. and sry fury the whiteys are the gangsters

hey man, i didnt like somethin that u write, im a good player and a good fighter? . thats doesnt matter man, war isnt a Fighting clan..


dude i want to get in war clan!!

dude i have like 5 or 6 clans hehehehe its funny but i dont know why i worte i am a good figher and a good player just fuck so i dont care what i said i am that and that is it lol!!!!

well later y'all

(not for tax ass hehehe sry taxes

lool u guys are so bad

feel it who are you???

never saw you in the game lol!

Well guys if i get it its gunna be great!

But my damn big bro wants to erse my game!!!

so i will talk to you guys later

CYA all!

u saw me
some times, and i saw u some times, u just dont remember,

wtf you have worse english than feel it kill offence,ill be looking for you in game,although skills still doesnt matter.


i am from israel!!!

hehehhee well cya guys i am going home today

i will be home at 10:00 pm thats sucks!!

feel-it what is your name in the game?!?!


yeah tric his english is really bad lol . i cant talk with him because he doesnt understand anything

lol ok well i am back!!