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I'd like to join war

lmao that was the wierdest kid ever

lol now they say war is gay and now there blaming me

lol who cares, there jsut some annoying kid on the internet jsut ignore em

lets kill emm! )
letes buy some ak-47 and pwn those nubs

YEA but whos going to buy them ? i am broke

hes got a point, not it!

lmfao,you ugys are racist against Jews.

lol hi (gb.jr{{WaR}})

shot me ?? have u got some Ak-47s to bring us? Please?

thats kill bears stop creating retarded accounts or you will be banned

he seems really annoying i probably have no place to say that but still. honestly. he seems no to bright either anyways. what is new with EVERYONE?!.

hey curse what up

nothing much. you?