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I'd like to join war

i have never saw you all i saw olny feel it

can you feeeeeeel it?

feel it talk to me ok


why all the pp are so good?


do you have a skin???

guys can i be a fighter in war?

hoo dont add him!!

ho no!!


dont read wahtthatt

my brother make me mad

dont read what my little brotheranoteahghrdherh

dont read waht my brother said ok cya!!

he made my name! dont read he is a loser dont add him

Kay listen to me guys. both of you. even though im not convinced you two are completely different people. but anyways. THIS IS NOT A CHATROOM. Satros is the leader btw. Also you post kay? then you wait for people to post backits not instantaneous have some patience. I mean you got like 20 and 40 posts in like 10 mins? We dont really have a "test" but you will have to obtain some patience. WaR is a guildwell i call it a clan you can be in war and other clans at the same time. WaR consists of people from cOv like me satros, and feel-it and other clans as well. Any other information you need let me know k?


i am from Israel

My real name is Ofek Bublil

and i live in utah for 1 more year

i got 2 brothers

1 is 17 and 1 is 10

well ok bye bye

i wish i got in war!!

i have 1 question for u.. have u got brain?
and what the hell! go die!
50 posts system is to know more about u , but if u do that shit noone can know u at all . i think is a bad start

Dont let this retarded person into war, he already applied to rov already and got banned for a month because he made two seperate accounts with the same ip adress and then faked the other account as his friend, trying to say " kill_bear" was a good player and deserved to be in rov.

DO NOT let this idiot in ur clan, hes a lieing faker, just look at how many damn post he made that where all one or two words.

he wasnt going to has my vote anyways, lol
yeah it seems like a idiot. i saw him in rune saying stupid things like 2 times. so fuck him

i say the samething feel said

lol sat banned them

LMFAO owned