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I'd like to join war

guys can you see my picture?

so bored


we dont

never mind


rov clan sucks


can you guys ee me?

can you guys see mt picture???

guys talk!

but why we need to get 50 posts its so easy

we can cheat!!

we can just put blah in evry post ok

Hello all

I am his little brother

so kill bears

i saw you guys

i am kill_Bear

ok he really want to join WAr clan so please let him in ok ty but Kill him alot of time ok!!
i hate him gtg he is coming cya!

i meant WAR

thuGG are you a leadewr?

a leader?


look we have really cool skins so tell me if you see me say hi!


hoo you guys know he is 12 right i am 10

what we need to get to join the clan?

do you guys have a test?