News and Announcements


by Satros Leader Sept. 21, 2017


Canadian Halloween is nearly one week away! Join us on September, 29th 2017 for our 4th ever Canadian Halloween for a night of games and shitty costumes!

Also if you have a Nintendo Switch, join us on the following night (September, 30th 2017) for the War Clan World Tournament in ARMS and the War Clan Grand Prix in Mario Kart 8!

Event Schedule:

Wednesday, September 27th (Spooky Movie Night):
Sp00ky Pre-Canadian Halloween movie night in Synctube.

*Friday, September 29th (Canadian Halloween):*

Drinking and Costumes plus Killing Floor 2, and Golf With Friends, Drawful 2, Town of Salem, Tabletop Simulator, and more!

Saturday, September 30th (Switch Night):
ARMS Tournament, Mario Kart 8 Grand Prix, and Dragonball Xenoverse 2.

See you then!


by Satros Leader Aug. 29, 2017

After 17 years our founding flagship game is getting a sequel!HAIL!


by Satros Leader July 28, 2017

Join us on 7/28 and 7/29 for our summer gaming event!

Friday 7/28 - Nintendo Switch Night
ARMS Tourney and Mario Kart 8 Grand Prix

Saturday 7/29 - PC Gaming Night
Overwatch Custom Games, Golf With Friends, Tabletop Simulator, Age of Empires II, (+More!)

We will be live streaming both nights if you can't play but would still like to tune in or stop by:

Join us in Slack for more info (ask someone in WaR if you need an invite):