News and Announcements


by Satros Leader April 21, 2017

Join us on Friday, April 4/21 for the first ever War Clan Spring gaming event!

January 2017 Monthly News

by Satros Leader April 21, 2017

This month we have been playing Overwatch.

December 2016 Monthly News aka WARMAS X ANNOUNCEMENT

by Satros Leader Dec. 23, 2016

Dec the halls with bells of Warmas! It's your boy Satros here giving you your monthly War Clan holiday greetings card.

This will be a special monthly update that focuses on our 10TH annual gaming event, Warmas.

Warmas is our yearly gathering where we play a handful of games and do silly things as a large group. The event will be split into, 2 days, Warmas Eve and Warmas.
Warmas Eve:
January 6, 2017*
Games: Overwatch, Golf With Your Friends, Tabletop Simulator, Grand Theft Auto: V

Warmas: January 7, 2016
Games: Killing Floor 2, Rune: Halls of Valhalla, Unreal Tournament 2004

Instead of our usual "Latest Games" section, these are the games we play during Warmas and the kind of activities we will be doing in them.

Rune: Classic is the game where {{WaR}} was first founded. The gameplay is sort of like Unreal Tournament but hack-and-slash. There are tons of fun maps and mods and we play it every Warmas as a reminder of our roots. One map in particular, Mt. Everest, a map where to point is to climb to the top, is always a good time when everyone is drunk during Warmas.

Unreal Tournament 2004 is another classic Warmas game. Typically, we will divide into two teams and play instagib (that's 1 hit / 1 kill with beam snipers) CTF. Each year results in an epic struggle and a lot of good times.

Killing Floor 2 is the sequel to Killing Floor 1, which is another game we play every year. Killing Floor 2 will replace Killing Floor 1 this year since its basically a more updated version of the original. Usually, each Warmas we use "British Line Tactics", which is when we all back up against a wall with single shot rifles and do our best to mow down all the Zeds that approach.

TableTop Simulator is a simple physics based game for playing tabletop games with friends. This year, we will most likely play some funny games or Secret Hitler while we are either waiting for everyone to show up or are winding down for the night on Warmas Eve.

Golf With Your Friends is a mini-golf game with up to 12 people all taking their turns at the same time (so no waiting for other people to go). We're going to play a game with crazy settings with as many people as possible, it should be a lot of fun!

Overwatch is a class-based team shooter by Blizzard. It's kind of like a mix between TeamFortress 2 and MOBA games like DOTA 2. We will most likely play some crazy custom games 6v6, such as all Roadhogs with faster cooldowns for some insane hook action.

Grand Theft Auto V is the latest Grand Theft Auto game and has lots of fun things to do such as missions, races, and just fucking around. We will probably do some wacky races or just generally screw around with other players on it.

We hope you will all join us on Jan 6st and Jan 7nd to play these games and more for Warmas Eve and Warmas!