News and Announcements


by Satros Leader April 19, 2019

Winter? I hardly know her! #SPRINGGANG

Join us on Friday, 4/26 to usher in the new season!


Main Events:

  • Overwatch (Low Grav Wreckingballs, Super Saiyan Battles, etc)
  • Wreckfest (Endurance Races, War Clan Derby)
  • Rune (Sarkball, Other Mods)

Other Possible Games:

  • Witch It!
  • Golf With Your Friends
  • Jackbox
  • Killing Floor 2
  • Tabletop Simulator


I finally finished our new forum. Message me on Discord or Steam if you need me to activate to your old account. These forums have all our posts from 2006-current year and more features will be added over time.


We are using Discord for messaging and that is now our primary way to communicating (along with Teamspeak 3 which we are still using for voice). Here is an invite link to join:

New Website & Forum (2019 Edition)

by Satros Leader April 2, 2019

As tradition, every 5 or so years we must go through a major website/forum migration. This new website has been written to be 100% customized for war clan, with the preservation of war clan history in mind.

After multiple years of work I have finally combined all the data from the various past forums (2006-2012, 2013-2019) into a single unified system. In the coming weeks I will enable account access and you will all be able to post again. From there, the features we want to add are up to us. My hope is that with this new website, we will continue adding features at a steady rate and hopefully grow this into the true "home base" for war clan that we dreamed of back in the 2006 years.


History of War Forums:
2003 v1.0 Invision Free
2004 v2.0 Excoboard
2006 v3.0 Invision Pro
2008 v4.0 SMF 1
2009 v5.0 SMF 2
2013 v6.0 Enjin
2019 v7.0 War Custom


by Satros Leader Dec. 31, 2018


Warmas is our yearly gathering where we play a handful of games as a large group. The event will be split into, 2 days, Warmas Eve and Warmas.

Warmas Eve: January 4, 2019
Games: Wreckfest, Witch It, Darwin Project, VR Chat, Golf With Your Friends, Tabletop Simulator, Blackwake

Warmas: January 5, 2019
Games: Killing Floor 2, Rune: Halls of Valhalla, Unreal Tournament 2004

We are using Discord for most of our day to day communications instead of these forums, join us on there with this invite link: