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***OFFICIAL*** Canadian Halloween 2019

by Satros Leader Sept. 15, 2019

September 27th 2019, 8pm Est. - Join us for our annual Canadian Halloween celebration. For those who don't know what the frick Canadian Halloween is, basically we dress up in costumes (either a try-hard costume or a bad-last-minute put together costume), a month before real (American) Halloween, hang out on discord video chat for a bit, then play some fun and or scaresome games as a group.

Part 1: Costumes & Video Chat
Part 2: Killing Floor 2, Witch It!, Minecraft, Golf With Friends*, Tabletop Simulator*
* = might be played

Also FYI:
-> We started playing Minecraft again on the Java version, join ip:
-> Join our discord:
-> Need a forum account? Message me on Steam, Discord, or Teamspeak


by Satros Leader July 21, 2019

Don't go outside and die in the heat, stay inside and play games with your cool internet buddies instead. Summermas is coming up, please join us for 2 nights of switch and pc gaming.

Friday, July 26th - Nintendo Switch Night
Games: Super Smash Bros, Mario Tennis Aces, Mario Kart

Saturday, July 27th - PC Gaming Night
Games: Mordhau*, Jackbox (played on Twitch - Drawful, Fibbage, Quiplash, etc), Tabletop Simulator(Weeb Games), Wreckfest*

* = May be played


by Satros Leader April 19, 2019

Winter? I hardly know her! #SPRINGGANG

Join us on Friday, 4/26 to usher in the new season!


Main Events:

  • Overwatch (Low Grav Wreckingballs, Super Saiyan Battles, etc)
  • Wreckfest (Endurance Races, War Clan Derby)
  • Rune (Sarkball, Other Mods)

Other Possible Games:

  • Witch It!
  • Golf With Your Friends
  • Jackbox
  • Killing Floor 2
  • Tabletop Simulator


I finally finished our new forum. Message me on Discord or Steam if you need me to activate to your old account. These forums have all our posts from 2006-current year and more features will be added over time.


We are using Discord for messaging and that is now our primary way to communicating (along with Teamspeak 3 which we are still using for voice). Here is an invite link to join: