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hmm Hello WAR

guys can u tell me how muhc people are in war?

yes u havebriefly i go by [Fury]-{{WaR}}

or i mightve been playing on my bros namewho knows

alot of people around 20 active20-30

hooooooooooooooooo coool so i saw u 2 times

nice to meet you

thanks for saying how much people

Boreder wrote:
nice to meet you


guys look at my picture

Guys its going to take long time?
how much time do we wait? pleaase tell me ty


its going to be short?

Give us some timewere getting over some shit atm

yea sry

i need to get 50 posts

I feel so good now.

Hope dont get hacked again!

Boreder wrote:
I feel so good now.

Hope dont get hacked again!

I'm scared kittie dont hack me (ok i am writting to much ok bye)

"The evil monkey is in my closet" He said
"Hehehehehehehehehehe" Peter laugh
"You fatass moron" Meg yelled
"That wasn't nice of you Meg" Lois said
"Hey dog" Baby said
"Yeah?" Brain said

Jackasses dont read the uuper part

what just happened

Satros wrote:
what just happened

I think I just got laid OH GOD IT'S ON FIRE!! HOW THE IS THIS POSSIBLE?!?!

dunu what happned?

Dudes i like my picture movie

wtf did i just miss?????

you miss nothing

Guys i got now 51 posts.

so now u guys need to say yes and no part right?