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hmm Hello WAR

No Problem dudes
Please add me

And can u guys tell me who is in COV and who is not

something is really good that i d'ont really like to spam

Hope u guys have a great luck with war clan and hope i join.


Hope to see y'all in the game.

how old are you? just wondering

lol he says 17, but profile says 12 lool

yea i know i fake age and lot of stuff no im really 17
just saying 12 cuz u guys are 14 adn 15

i tihnk

dunu but im 17.

..i doubt it

venom dude can u help me post in cov i cant even the new account that i made


u already hvae Boreder as login name
just type in ur naem and password.

dude i know but it still not working man


I have a fucking viruys again this is gay

OK dudes cya all lata

yayayyaya i got a new girlfirend awsome she is so hot

(no more information)


only her name is Jessica

she is hot


he says Dark Spitfire aka Mr.Devil of Death is one of his lil bros. And Kill bears is another lil bro. Evil Girl is his little sister..

LOL so he is from isreal i guessed right omg i win some cool points

IM 17 lol

thugg i cant see u in the game

u got skills?

Hi staticgirl!


never saw u in the game!

Yeah, im too cool to be seen often.. special occasions.. Havn't seen you either.. or many of the most recent.. happenings..

nah man i suck at rune and life just ask my boy jay jay, aka vemonblade