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hmm Hello WAR

hoo cool

I hate ROV!!

dont u?

wow ur so 12

lol trying to be 12 cant

venom where are u in the MSN??

hey whoa whoa whoa

WOW your so 12

why im 12 cuz i said i hate rov


For the last time im 17 u cant belive it

u got a problem

than i said "why im 12 cuz i said i hate rov"

i dont mean im 12 for real i wish
i was 12

spamming is so 10

Swarainiz wrote:
spamming is so 10


sry i spam

jsut wanted to m,ake sure that u guys know that im 17

its so makes me mad than u guys say wow your so 12 10 9 7 4 2

sry about the spam

my virus is still on the computer

talk to u lata

I think i just lost more brain cells.. lovely..


"i think i just lostr a brain cell"

Well great for you

(i think)

hey dudes?

dont we need to get 100+ replies and than we wait or 50 i forgot



thanks man

so now i wait

o k I'm lost guys.

great why you lost?

maybe because noone ever plays with me (Staticgirls'puppy)

hello boredor


cool never saw u in the game furybeknowen