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Instead of making multiple threads of shit i've done
I'll just post it here

Oh right and if you want me to draw sumfin

Can ask here.

August 31, 2008


I request a dick drawing

bPORR wrote:
I request a dick drawing

I second that or make two dicks!




lmao hahahah owned i think u crushed their dreams stat




Staticgirl wrote:





I hate you all /sad

hahahah :]

**Birthday Picture****

I gave this picture to my friend when it was around her birthday
To bad we aren't really friends anymore.
Oh Well :]

**Realistc Done in Charcol****

I did this Freshman year..
andd sorry for quiality, its acctually framed in my room so thats whuts making it shiney..
I didn't want it to smear so i had to frame it :]

**Pencil Illusion****

Also did this freshman year, ha.
I did this all with ONE toned pencil.. Ebony Pencil if your good with types of pencils.
But yeah, the object was to not make an extreme definate shape, and to make the values (light and darks) Blend nicely together, and to make sure i dragged your eye ALL AROUND the picture.

**Wal-Mart VANDALISM!****

Yeah.. My local Wal-Mart, which is like 2/3 miles away..
I was dragged along last year (sophmore year) to go help decorate one of their 2 entrances.
they made me sketch and paint that :]

More to come I did a pretty cool design for a new heartbreak symbol..

Its crossed my mind of being a tattoo design.. :]

annd i drew me stuck in an ipod sooooo that made me giggle


id say more but.


statt I request a picture of a..

mmmk :]

Im behind on my Vis com class

but soon as i catch up in that
i'll make yew that <333

Shouldn't the pirate have chopped his lip off? Oh well.

Nice gallery. Going for art as a job, or just like screwing around with it?

Have no idea :]

Graphic designer maybeee

or one of those people who analizes handwriting and shit :]


WELL shit
this was my very first project in my tech class
i had to make a 3 sided nametag

andd this is my. 2nd fav side :]

I tottally hid my last name :]

since some faggots visit this site,
i'd rather them NOT know :]

Very nice, I'm totally jealous (again)