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OH is it Vacdork? GB.JR wins a juice box now kittie jealous

kittie drinks milk from the bosoms of murds mom

EUGH NO! Kittie is lactosent tollerent or how ever you spell it but still THUGG EUGH and yes, yes I am jealous I want a juice box

ORANGE JUICE!!!!!!!!!!!

drilling bosom milk juice



Oh shit.. i finished that one picture too.. Ha :]

[glow=red,2,300]Finished[/glow] Result ;]



+1 for being gewd

Awesomeeee :) Good Job

Am I ever gonna get that cat i requested? :'(

ooohhh yeaahhhhh

ill starts it

preveiwww of somethingg im workin onnn

since im like having a "i cant draw a cat" thing going on.

NEET! war ftww


Sooo while im coloring i had the best fucking idea ever
WaR Mosiac thingggyyy?

I was thining of putting 4 big boards together n making a huge picture that represents the members of WaR

All you gotta do to get in is tell me something likea picturee (smalll / medium ) That would represent you, n i'd put it in :]

Good ideaaaa? badd ideaaaa??

gewd ideaa


WaR will be throughout the picture :]
Its in the tear right now ;]

Want me to add something? K tell me. lol

I am seriously jealous of your drawing skills stat x) you're really talented!


OH snap, i just added WaR back into the tear haha

thats epic! nicely done damn your getting good

Something's seriously wrong with the lower part of her body.