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im making a sparta mod for rune, 300 rocked!

some things it will have

spartan skins, hopefully even a custom model based on remus model (except less armor and a spartan helm)
spartan swords and shields

k started thinking of some more aspects

spartan sword- custom model, will look like the one above
spartan spear- custom model, wil have 2 set of attack anims, you can togel them by pressing E, one will have a stance like a shortswoard and will fight differently, one will be stabing style, and will be helf like a torch
fists: will start with fists
persian sword: custom model
Spartan shield: custom model, normal shield like viking shield but without the middlebump

Spartan soldier- tan clothes, a normal spartan with helm
Spartan king- tan clothes, spartan without helm, karl head
Spartan commander- tan clothes, spartan without helm, sven head
Athenian soldier- whiteclothes , alric head

persian soldier- still being decided
persian messnger- modified syrian skin

team game, no colors, team deicded by gamemodel when u join the server a window will popup and u will pick either persian or spartan, then u chose ur player model
2 bases in each map, 2 types of spawns, PersianPlayerStart and SpartanPlayerStart
also have a normal deathmatch one

battle, battle clif area from the movie

city, city of sparta , complete with big ass hole

oricle, oricle cliff building from the movie


note these characters are not made yet, this is jsut a photoshoped image for a concept

spartan captain


spartan king

woot! looks sweet.. but wtf, no women?! SEXEST!

updates to spartans

and i was thinking of making the queen

but not if i cant get some1 good who can model players

cuz shes so hot!

yeah id tottaly rape her in return for my political support



dood that was so gankster when we played that.

i was like poke poke. die poke.

pshh u were ther for like 2 mins, after u left we had like 8 ppl all in remus skin in a friggon phalanx it was awsome

hmmm wow your purty damn good at tinkering with weapons. wish i was that damn good. and 300 i havent seen it yet but that war was common knowledge to me.
lol thermopylae and that leonytus dude.

you should see the movie its awsome

Sparta Team Members:

Daedalus(aka hicks)
Ruzh(aka Bulish)

gunna get more ppl..

Sup hoes, sat that stuff is awesome as hell! im lovin it! ill help with the skins man

Lmfao you know what would be funny?

you know how in the trailers it has the Sparta guy kick the guy off the legde into the hole and say " THIS IS SPARTA! " ?

we should make a playermodel for that guy that gets kicked, make that a small cube in rune ed as a map, and add all the buildings u see in that part with the hole and all, then record " THIS IS SPARTA ". and then it will have the sparta guy kicking the other one and yelling that! ( also no new anims would be needed for the kicking because rune already has that! )

heres the main point of all that ^^ it could be used as a loading or opening for rune maybe?

haha that would be sick!, or we could do it as a promo for the mod

lol ya i was there for 2 mins, then ur like AFK then im like ok ill be at DMA or other war serv. and i was waiting at dma. so blah.

heres the sword im working on, texture is temporary, cant seem to get it to look jsut right, any suggestions?

ugh i made this model good but its being homo >.