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Satros' Spectacular Sig Shop

please include the following if you like. (it helps me out)
1. colors
2. theme
3. render/picture
4. size

or i can just make you one randomly

Some of my work:

here murd


omg thanks sat it looks awesome

MurD wrote:
omg thanks sat it looks awesome

Damn did you suck his dick just to get that one murd

no i gave him soem shit to make it tho

Yeah, my shit you ass. lol

Wicked wrote:
my shit your ass

One letter made that a bit too gay.

wow good job jedi

damn i posted my shitut in the ronfg joint makne i requiested a sig mouwgfuckwesrr

come on anyonee>? im bored lolol

Can I has a sig?

ya, gimme something to make it out of tho, liek a render or sshot

me next \o/

gotta give me a render/sshot/etc

mk it will probably be something with guild wars

kk, just post it when u find something

rip off of swar's shop!!

i needs a new sig!

here, make it from this:


Hail {{WaR}}!

but ur sigs are l33t compaired to mine.. lol

Is it for members only?

if not,make something cool with this

and if only 1 then the one as "Iso"