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Satros' Spectacular Sig Shop

im doing sigs again, post here to request

if you care:
please include the following
1. colors
2. theme
3. render/picture

Hey sat im wonder if you could make a sig for Serpent.

Make it something dark and evil please. Just be creative


wow whered you come form sure thing, it wil be done by tonight


thanks sat. and yeah i did kinda come out of no where. Ive been trying to get here for awhile but my link in my favorites was old

ah i see, yeah we have been moving servers and what not lately

Sorry to bother but could i get another one


i'll do itfor a price

I'll punch-a-size your face FOR FREE!


there you go, send regards from

thatll be 30 bux fox took me all night

actually took me about 6 minutes lol

either way man.. wow nice work, shit is sick


You should make me one ;]

Suprise me.

Kay :3'

its gunna be full of bees

Also kar your big sig is pissing me off so here:



lologram :]


Thankss babyyy <3

Hey could you make me one from this picture
name on it Nodoka.