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Hi I would like to join...

Yo names Mat, i used to play with Satros Back in the day before i ended up quitting, i know a lot of people around Rune, not sure if they still play or even in this clan anymore but i figured why not i know sat maybe it will be cool to be in his clan and see how his skills have improved

Hi! I'm Jedi and I pwn. Anyway get 50 posts so we get to know you then like we vote to see if you get in. DON'T SPAM TO GET THE 50 POSTS THERE ISN'T A TIME LIMIT. If you spam you get Frohwned.

l0l no worries i dont like to spam and yea ill get on it i would like to get to know more of you guys, i played with Triclone last night hes pretty cooland cant wait to see how much you own lol we will have to do some 1 on 1's

you see Tripp im probably like the coolest one here hehe,im glad to see you made it here.yeah so just take your time to get 50 posts,aand after that well get to voting.NO skills are required so just keep up a great attitude,and i look forward to seeing you in game.

lol right on dude i will take my time i like to get to know people sounds like im going to like being in war.. if i make it hahahaha and yea cant wait to start kickin your ass again j/k

Good luck!

lol thanks.i think i might need it

yea your gonna need all the luck u can get to get away from these hax's ask sat if u dont believe me

Sure man

Lol i cant wait to see you all in game haha its going to be awsome!

good luck to you bra..O.o kittie why do you terrorize people in general? i mean. we all know you have hax and what not. but why?! lol and triclone. you not be coolest dissin' my DOTS yo
dots for all.

i suck at rune and life just ask venomblade he'll tell you

what if i want to ask you damnit!!! why do you suck at life?

ya thugg sux. and stfu jedi you cant say whatever you said. Yo tripp welcome to teh forums. ive been in war for like 11 months or so, but never heard of you hehe hope to see you in game

Hes getting his old skills back really fast,and btw curse nice sig.And thugg is awesome in game,but he probably does suck in RL.

thanks tric, swar did a good job on it i think, umm, props to him!!?? whatever props are. poor thugg. tsk .tsk its a shame i think we will finally have to put thugg down, out of his misery. we might sniff have to pull the sniff plug. :'( lol

lmfao Curse thanks for the good luck haha, and Hey thugg long time no see im sure you dont remember me but i know you know my dad, if not we both know you hahaha.and venomblad i can remember your name being around in rune before i quit, im sure i have fought with you before hahahaWell thanks for all the good lucks guys

yea what can i say im sexy and ive gotten so much better if you yamean..

you be sexy? awkward you. are to sexy for your? shirt? ummm i should not have went there damn

lmao im the sexy one heresorry but im going to have to take your title j/k oh yea and how the hell do i get my pic up on that board i dont know the command.