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Hi I would like to join...

Tripp wrote:
Lol i cant wait to see you all in game haha its going to be awsome!

See us ALL? HA!!!! you won't see us.. we'll be a blurr ;D

V???M?l??? wrote:
ya thugg sux. and stfu jedi you cant say whatever you said. Yo tripp welcome to teh forums. ive been in war for like 11 months or so, but never heard of you hehe hope to see you in game

..fag =P

V???M?l??? wrote:
yea what can i say im sexy and ive gotten so much better if you yamean..

SEXY?! AHAHAH LMAO ROLF omg what a side spliter

Noop that sounds soo familiar how long have you been around??? and thats a damn nice tag you got there in your sig

hi, welcome to the forums