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☾Upcoming☽ Black Desert

A Short Note on ArcheageAs we all know, many of us in WaR clan recently began playing an MMO by the name of Archeage. Having just been ported over from Korea by game developers XL Games and Western Publisher Trion Worlds the game took an approach that hasn't really been seen since Ultima Online in 1997. They attempted to make a Fantasy MMORPG that on paper looked great. It had the Cry Engine 3 for beautifully rendered graphics, sandbox features mixed with instanced dungeons, grand siege battles, open world PvP, open sea combat and exploration, an in-depth crafting system, open ended character development allowing for over 120 different specs, housing, and customization. However, this unfortunately was not how it turned out by any means. They failed in several aspects such as the extremely lackluster combat that had choppy sluggish repetitive animations and extreme single target lock with stick in place static combat with the ability to hit someone from 3 body lengths apart (Melee). To skill sets that granted one or two people the ability to CC-Lock someone in place for 30 seconds, anything over 7 seconds of combat in this genre can begin to feel like an eternity, with little to no counter play dependent on whether you were running both Defense AND Witchery for the Anti-CC spells in their trees and extreme lack of a sense of hitting. Ignoring the graphical errors such as the DoF being poorly done and making everything look muddied or the water that was very reminiscent of Saran Wrap you have many issues with the supposed "Sandbox" Features of the game. While yes the houses were beautiful, it was ruined by the fact that no one, at least on the Western Servers I can not speak for the Eastern ones, were not used for their original purpose of socialization between friends and instead towns were used like FarmVille: a homestead of the same resources in bulk, such as goats filling every single bit of available space. So you go from being aesthetically pleasing to a resource farm.That is assuming of course you could find a spot in Archeages land system that did not function well in any regard. With this goes an economy system that I can see flatlining very soon as soon everyone will have enough of every resource that it will make the system irrelevant. Finally you have a major issue of sound. I left this for last as this is a MAJOR point as a game developer you have to get right. If not the gameplay can cease to feel right. All of the weapons sound tinny and hollow and there is no weight to the sounds at all. Couple this up with the noises your character makes when fighting, the incessant and almost invasive moaning a female makes for example, a generic sound library, the bear rawr for example is identical to EverQuest if you never played that for example, and "Intense Battle Music" that was legitimately in an episode of Moonshiners you end up with a very tedious and frustrating game experience.

I Mention these few issues, yes there are more and I could go more in depth on a section if asked, not as an Archeage is bad but more as an opportunity to realize that you shouldn't lock yourself onto it as there are other Korean MMO's such as the one about to be spoken of with the same list of features and more possibly more potential than Archeage

Alright with that out of the way it is time to get down to the Nitty Gritty purpose of this thread. In Korea there is a game currently in development by the name of Black Desert. Black Desert is a Sandbox MMORPG that is based on an entirely new engine designed by developers Daum Games and Pearl Abyss. You may ask why I am keeping an eye on a game that is in development in Korea but that is because of the game developers decision. Because of the massive amount of support they have received from the Western Audience they have decided to personally expand overseas and release it for the West in 2015. As of currently there are three races: Humans, Elves, and Giants. All three of these races can be customized using the engines extremely robust and absolutely stunning character creation system which allows editing of everything down to individual muscle groups. It is without a doubt a wet dream for those who like to spend lots of time creating their avatar to really be unique. On the class side of your character there will be 9 confirmed classes however on release it will be the Warrior, Giant, Sorcerer and Ranger with the Tamer and Blader a few months later. The other two being Wizard Valkyrie coming at a later time. Please note these are the confirmed there is the possibility for more. The game features an action combat system. The mounts also feature in this as combat mounts of which we have seen horses, donkeys, camels, elephants and tamed dogs as mounts. All classes are capable of riding their mount and fighting at the same time this plays a major part in the strategy of PvP, an open world PvP system, and Castle Siege. The game will feature open world dungeons with no load times in between the world and the dungeon.

December 1st 2014 Pre-Release Trailer:This shows footage of both the character customization for the races and what the combat is like for several of the classes.

On the side of the game that isn't combat oriented there are many innovations that are not commonly seen in multiplayer games let alone a MMORPG. To start with there are several different professions that all have an impact on the PvP. For example all of the siege equipment needs a multitude of professions to make the parts needed. The game's movement system is unusual in regards to that it has a parkour system. Rather than most games that let you statically jump over walls or run into them your character can climb anything that is low enough and catch beams to hoist you up. Now the strange thing is that an important part of Black Desert is that you build relationships with NPCs. Depending on your relationship, an NPC is likely to reward you with benefits. NPCs have their own interests, such as another NPC, a certain mob, or a piece of lore, allowing you to build your reputation and open interactions with them. The housing system in this game is happily, unlike other recent games, instanced. There will be a number of houses, the initial number is 2000 potentially more added later, in the open world that are strictly for things such as Guild Halls. That way the guilds have somewhere in the open world to meet. Black Desert has a flowing Day/Night cycle that creates an ever-changing dynamic to the world. NPCs will go home during the night, and monsters come out – it’s a very different experience from the two times with night even causing different effects on the monsters. While I could ramble about the side activities for a long while I will simply leave that to the recently released video to give you a good look into that.

December 4th 2014 Black Desert OBT Life Form Content Introduction:As always with new games that are in development people can easily get overhyped about the content or have trouble, especially in the case of a foreign game such as this one, following it. As such I will do my best to keep this thread fairly updated with the most recent and breaking news about Black Desert if there is an interest in the game. If there are any questions about individual sections or content regarding Black Desert feel free to ask and I will do my best to answer it with the information available. I will leave this with a question. What are everyone's thoughts on this game?

On AA:
That 30 second stun is ridiculous

Game looks good as fuck, might have to upgrade my PC for it though, but I was going to do that anyways next year. Hopefully they take lessons from what went wrong with AA and avoid doing similar things.

MinimumRecommendedOS32 Bit Windows 7/864 Bit Windows 7/8ProcessorIntel Core i3Intel Core i5Ram4GB6GBGPUGTS 250 / GeForce 9800 GTX /Radeon HD 3870 X2GTX 650 / GTX 550 Ti /Radeon HD 7770 / Radeon HD 6770This is what we know currently of requirements.

My PC meets requirements it looks like, but I want to be able to run it well, I think a lot of people in war will have trouble running it though lol

EDIT: Oh I was looking at the recommended reqs lol nvm

Pearl Abyss has launched two new trailers. One of these is showcasing not only much more of their giant world, but also a bunch of the quest content and a couple of the mini-games. The other trailer is more natural gameplay showing us a variety of brand new questing content.

Another day another video from Daum Games and Pearl Abyss. This video in specific showcasing the NPC's, Monsters, Zone Bosses, and dyeing/broken armors system.

The Black Tide Comes
Since the last time I made an information posting in December of last year, quite a few developments have happened surrounding the game Black Desert. As one of the core members of the Black Desert NA community I have been supporting the game from the background and It is with great pleasure and with much adore that I bring everyone here far more information on the upcoming MMO Black Desert. First of all it should be noted that when Daum games, the developer of Black Desert, was unable to find a publisher here in NA and EU that satisfied them, a silent cry of thanks for not using Trion Worlds was heard, they decided they would expand and publish the game themselves here. This means three things. First of all it means it took longer to bring the game to the regions in question. However, this is offset by the good that it brings. This means that not only will the developers be directly overseeing the game, faster more accurate updates for the regions in question, but they have also responded personally to the outcry at the changes on the Korean server. The Koreans as a whole play MMO's more as a social experience. Their game is much easier, they level much faster, and they circle much more around the social aspects of the game rather than the game play. Clearly the ability to solo a world boss is not something cohesive to the NA community. The developers of the game stated in the past that they understood that each region is different than the other and would change the game based from region to region rather than have a globally similar game. I am happy to report that they have followed through on that and our version of the game is vastly different from the Koreans version back in SK. Because of this the information I will be covering will have no relevance on the Korean version of the game and will instead be covering the experience that we personally will receive from Black Desert.
First of all many of the core systems have remained intact. The combat system is still the action combat system that looked so beautiful from the get go has had minor tweaks to make the combat system feel extremely fluid with little to no hiccups from class to class going from P.V.E to P.V.P areas. The graphics have been improved and optimized leading to the same specs previously mentioned still being the same requirements but the game running far better on those specs than before. Currently each and every NPC in the game is voice acted. Because of this and the cutscenes, which gives soloing an almost campaign feeling, there are 2.8 Million lines of dialog for 3 different languages. The player housing system which has been quite the enigma for community and a big selling point of the game is fantastic. Unlike some sandbox MMO's that attempt to do an open world housing system where players can claim open swatches of land, Black Desert forgoes that potentially catastrophic choice and chooses instead to merge open world and instanced housing. The player can come across houses, rooms, buildings, and swatches of land EVERYWHERE, a break from the article style of writing here to say that I mean literally everywhere in alpha I was coming across them in places that you would never imagine finding an available piece of housing or land, and upon finding a place a menu opens up. This menu shows all houses in this location that are set to public prioritizing yours, your friends, and your guilds at the top of the list in which you've been invited into if its set to private. As for this upcoming beta Wednesday, December 16, 2015 as I have said before the developers said that they would listen to the community and this was no joke. In a show that I can only say a large number of developers could learn from a number of major changes have already been made. The first thing on the list was that the North American and European communities believed the game to be far too bright at night. The response to this was, obviously, to make the game darker but not just a little darker the game has been made vastly darker. It has been announced that vendors will sell lanterns and oil for the lanterns for night time navigation.

The world map had a bit of a UI update in accordance to the response

A number of new hair, skin, and beard options have been added as well as new pets. The available classes during the upcoming beta event are going to be Warrior, Ranger, Sorceress, Berserker, Valkyrie (My personal Class), as well as the Witch and Wizard and Tamer classes. Should any information be needed on any of these classes ask and I'll give a rundown of the requested class(es). There will be no open beta for Black Desert and will be going straight from closed beta into release in Q1 of 2016 with CB1 and CB2 (Week long events) being December and January. The game will be B2P just as GW2 is. This will do several things for the game such as foster community health as well as cut down on bots among other things. The in game store is purely cosmetic items or items that can be crafted such as furniture and the such or reset cards and the like. Currently the only ways to get into the closed beta events are through first the preorder here: , Secondly attempting to sign up for the events and praying you get a key CB1 sign up is here: Or finally, you can possibly score a key through the many Facebook and game site giveaways. As always any questions can be asked here in this thread and I will answer them all to the best of my ability with the information available at the time of the question.

OP, I've been aware of black desert for like, a couple years now. And it looks pretty good.

And I agree Archeage was fun in the short run, but got really tedious or boring even to access the later content. That and the WoW copy pasted combat is just ugh. Wish game devs would stop pasting WoW combat onto what otherwise could have been good games.


Reading through your post, relationship building with NPCs isn't technically new, but it isn't done very often as far as I know. Mabinogi does the relationship thing too.

I also meet the Req's somewhere in the middle area.

I got a Geforce Nvidia 750 TI 2GB, CPU is just about 3.0 Ghz, and 4GB RAM.

"OP" lol, OP is FurryForever btw

Cecil wrote:

Well just because I don't voice chat doesn't mean you need forget I exist haha,

Cecil wrote:
I also meet the Req's somewhere in the middle area.

I got a Geforce Nvidia 750 TI 2GB, CPU is just about 3.0 Ghz, and 4GB RAM.

Interestingly those aren't entirely accurate. I tested it during the Alpha and CBT That has since past and its optimized well enough that those recommended specs will let you run max graphics with no frame drops whatsoever while streaming. On the low end I tested it on a computer that had a GT 550 (Video card doesn't even have a power supply) and still ran it all medium 60 FPS no drops.

The CBT 2 date has been announced for February 12'th, 2016. This was also accompanied by the release of their character creator. A standalone character creator that can be used to create your character in preparation of the upcoming closed beta and release. The characters created in the creator can be imported into the game. There is also a contest going on involved with creating the most hideous beast of a creation in it.


I preordered #hype

I am officially hyped.

This game improves on Archeage in a lot of ways.

-Instanced Housing (not land lag/bot grab fest)
-Action PVP
-Castle Siege that isn't a shitty zerg fest

It also looks great visually and has the typical stuff like boats, trading routes, etc.

I also watched a video on the castle siege mechanics and they look awesome. Unlike Archeage, where castles are just random walls that turn into a zerg fest, this game seems to take more strategy. In the video below there is a legit "shield wall" formed by the defense to protect the entrance and its a viable tactic!

Day One of CB2 has begun! Who here is going to be following along on an adventure?

Game looks good. Will likely play at some point. Eventually.

Alright. CB2 has ended, and with it has ended the last of the closed beta events. As events go forward there are a few important dates to watch. Remember there will be NO open beta!

February 26: Pre-Order will be closed.
If your going to pick up a pre-order package make sure to do it before this date!

February 27: Name Reservation will be closed.
If you have preordered make sure you take full advantage of your ability to secure your name. Both Family and character.

February 28: The 96 Hour head start for the Conqueror's package begins. ; The Claiming process for the pre-order packages begins.

March 1: Head start for the Explorers Package begins.

March 2: Head start for the Travelers Package begins.

March 3: The hard launch for the game takes place and the cash shop is opened for business.

All these events occur at 8AM UTC on their respective days. I hope to see many people on the game taking part in the Black Desert experience.

March 2nd for me :)

You know i read some interesting articles about BDO like a week ago and they made me pretty sad.

Apparently the devs changed 'audiences' and are going for the whole assfaggots crowd ( LoL fags and whatnot )
Was honestly hoping for something like ArcheAge but without the whole god damn 'Muh Esports' crowd.
They also made it less sand boxy and basically a themepark MMO, once you get to a certain level there's no reason to stick around in an area and basically no real reward for exploring at all :/

They had a pretty cool premise but then went and fucked up. I'll still be onboard with you guys on this one but my hopes are definitely not very high.