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☾Upcoming☽ Black Desert

Cecil wrote:
You know i read some interesting articles about BDO like a week ago and they made me pretty sad.

Apparently the devs changed 'audiences' and are going for the whole assfaggots crowd ( LoL fags and whatnot )
Was honestly hoping for something like ArcheAge but without the whole god damn 'Muh Esports' crowd.
They also made it less sand boxy and basically a themepark MMO, once you get to a certain level there's no reason to stick around in an area and basically no real reward for exploring at all :/

They had a pretty cool premise but then went and fucked up. I'll still be onboard with you guys on this one but my hopes are definitely not very high.

I haven't heard that. Can you give examples of things they changed?

Anyways there is 11 of us who are gonna play next week, if you join us we will have 12.

FYI: To anyone who reads this, we will be playing on the ORWEN server.

This belief was addressed recently by the devs during a Q/A with the BDOCommunity Team. They were asked whether or not there were any plans to make a 1v1/ ranked ladder play or if they were focused on the open world/GvG system for now. In response they stated

"We are not exactly excluding it, in the long-term plan, but for us, perfecting the game definitely comes before eSports. An online game needs to be constantly patched and updated based on player feedback, and we will be able to consider other things when the game and the worldwide players’ needs reach a common ground. A One-on-one or party versus party system is already in development. Guild battles are already realized in the game, in the form of Node Battles and Conquest Battles, but we are still thinking about adding eSport-optimized content. If we come up with some good ideas, we might be able to implement them.

When will we be seeing more about the titan-like bosses that are already partly in the game? Mainly speaking about Ancient Athor (고대의 아토르) and the Forest Titans (??), yet also interested about the Mutant Troll (돌연변이 트롤) and the Mutant Ogre (돌연변이 오우거), which can be attacked but not killed as of now.

These monsters cannot be killed at the moment, although it might be possible with certain methods in the future. Any region in the game can and will have hidden areas, treasure, and monsters other than just the same predictable monsters of predictable level. It is our goal to continuously update these features, so that they all can have significance in the game." (

On a different note yet another Q/A was performed between the Dev teams recently and you can read that one at the forums here

Overall, yes it a potential thing they may do in the future, esports content, but that does not by any means cause them to by necessity neglect other areas of the game.

Thank fuck.

I was a little concerned there for a moment.

Yeah I don't get why MMOs try to be esports. They are not as enjoyable to watch as a game that is naturally competitive that way. Not to mention Blade and Soul already made the best possible "mmo esport" (that doesn't make it a better MMO however).

Yeah man, to me an MMO feels like it should be about broing it up with bros as well as doing chill stuff.
Mabinogi is honestly the closest i've gotten to an MMO like this, besides Runescape before Jagex kinda fucked it up.