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***OFFICIAL*** Halo: Reach Topic

The beta should be up within the next couple hours!  :datass:

TwoSlot wrote:
The beta should be up within the next couple hours!  :datass:

faps its up! ill play after i nap lol

Hahaha I'm in the process of downloading it right now but college internet is like  :troll: :plsgo: and dropped halfway through the download lol

fucking my xbox wont read games any morebut im getting a new xbox in a few days    RIP 2 year old xbox, i named it Sheila :'(

MurD wrote:
fucking my xbox wont read games any morebut im getting a new xbox in a few days    RIP 2 year old xbox, i named it Sheila :'(

fail, well we probably wont do a war thang for a few weeks at least

also cliche name is cliche, problem?  :troll:

EDIT: Also downloading in progress.

lol 91$ dallor xbox with 5 games :P

After playing 30 or so matches with Zaifos and Minimoose..
I think its a good improvement, unlike halo 3 multiplayer/slayer which I didn't really like much (besides playing ridiculous customgames we played like pirates lol) this one is actually fun to play, it plays more like halo 1, I like that there isnt like 1000 weapons anymore, it was annoying that there was like 40 weapons and people only used 5. The loadouts are good and each serve a purpose, also no one is too powerful, I also like the different gametypes, over all it will be a good game for teh clan to play on and play twilight during ranked matches like we usually do.

My projected how much fun I had in each halo:
Halo Reach > Halo 1 > Halo 3(too bloated) > ODST > Halo 2


Does the lifting mechanism on the forklift work?

Not sure, but I assume it should i mean if they can make forgeworld im sure they can make a dang lifting mechanism. I cant wait to play fork lifting rancher

There will be hell to pay if there isn't.


As you probably know, Bungie is famous for putting easter eggs and secrets into their games. We remember the skulls of Halo 2 and 3, we remember the food nipple, we remember the Scarab Gunthe list goes on.

As of now, there is a massive movement to find everything in the game on the Bungie forums, the thread is over 30 pages long. There are three main points of interest in Reach:

**- Data Pads

  • Switches

  • B.O.B.s (Golden Elite Rangers)**

So far here are the known facts and what has been found:

  • All (all perceived) of the Data Pads have been found, 19 in total, across Reach's campaign. The pads cannot be picked up, only read. The complete set tells a convoluted story of which the significance is yet to be found, or if it's significant at all. I have watched the videos for all 19, and some are in VERY OBSCURE placesplaces I would never ever look.

I don't think it's necessary to go looking for all the Pads this weekend as they aren't counted (as far as we know) by the game.

  • 4 switches have been found, more may exist. Two are used with the Dance Rave easter egg, and one for the Tribute Room easter egg (these will be described below) and the purpose of the last has yet to be discovered.


A B.O.B. is a special Ranger class Elite NPC featured in Halo Reach. Only one BOB is featured in each campaign level of Halo Reach (although there are reports of two different ones sometimes spawning at different times, but never at the same time.) Each BOB spawns in a location far off the beaten path, and in many cases very well hidden. Their AI is erratic. Many times they will run away faster than you can catch them and then disappear completely, other times the will charge for you and rape you. They are know to dual wield frequently.

In order to kill a BOB, the location must be know and must be scoped out from a far, not worth it to restart the whole level again from being trigger happy. MANY of the BOBs only spawn in Legendary mode, with some appearing at other difficulties. Safe to say it's better of going through on Legendary as a whole to not miss any.

They wear distinct golden armor.

The purpose of these BOBs is currently unknown, but it is though that the legendary ending could be the prize for killing them all.

If you know about Bungie, you already know about Marathon. In the game they had a system called Vidmaster challenges, special conditions found in the game (like achievements) in which you would be rewarded for completing. In Marathon, there were NPCs called Bobs that would aid you in your mission.

One of the Vidmaster challenges read as follows: "Punch all switches, play on Total Carnage and never ever leave a single Bob alive."

COINCIDENCE THAT THERE ARE B.O.B.s AND HIDDEN SWITCHES IN REACH? I think not. The "Total Carnage" correlates with Legendary mode.

Bungie Thread:
Website (with videos and descriptions of all that has been found):

EDIT: The fourth switch's purpose has been found. When punched, it causes another switch to appear in a different areaand when that switch is punched, four Banshees spawn at the beginning of the level. (This is the on "The Package")

Why do we need Banshees? There must be something else in the level.