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Are you looking forward to Guild Wars 2?

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  • Depends on what they do with the game. (28.57%, 2 Votes)
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Well either way it was time to upgrade so no harm no foul.

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After playing this weekend my views have changed:

First off let me recap why I hated it last event. For starters, I played on a highly populated server at the first event. This means the starting areas of the world were a giant clusterfuck mob of people killing everything that moves. The second reason I hated it was because it is completely different from GuildWars 1. Guildwars 1 was basically a game of counters and roles. Certain classes countered others and there were roles like healer, support, tank, etc. Guildwars 2 is very different. First of all, all classes are well rounded. It's more about play style than actual roles. Also all classes have heals and can resurrect downed team mates, so no one is stuck in the monk role or anything like that. Secondly its more hack and slash press all the buttons! than it is focusing when to use the right skills. You still have to know what your skills do to use them at the right times, but most of the time in combat you are just mashing all of them. In a way it makes it more about positioning and tactics than a game of rock paper scissor countering. Lastly unlike GW1 there aren't big instanced missions for the story. Most of the time you can solo you're instanced storyline and it only takes about 2 minutes to complete. This is actually the one thing I'm disappointed in. But there are dungeons which are more akin to GW1 missions which should make up for it I suppose.

Now here are the things I liked about it:
The open world. On a low population server, you only run into other players now and then. The world is gigantic and it is super fun to explore every inch because of the events system, which means world events will be happening all around you as you explore, which you can then become a part of. Some are as simple as collect 5 eggs for some guy, others are like defeating a giant troll overlord, then theres ones where it's like an on going battle between two sides. For example last night me and Zaifos were in this one area and this ogre's were assaulting this tower. We held them off, then we had to counter attack the ogre fort and take it over, then we had to kill the ogre leader, then the ogres tried to take their fort back and we had to hold that. But anyways, you could literally explore for days. I played A LOT this weekend, and only 5% of my map is uncovered.  The second thing I really liked was the trading market. They did a really good job with the market system, it's basically like a stock market with items, and you can sell your items at any time, anywhere. Lastly World vs World is fun as hell, though it does need balancing. I would actually say that the game is worth $60 alone just for WvW. The fact that you get all the PvE content as well with no subscription ever is a really good deal. We had epic battles in WvW all weekend. We even took over some towers and tried to hold them against the swarming high population server we we're playing against which gave an alamo type feels. Basically in WvW you can have massive battles. The objective is to take over points on the map which give differing bonuses. You can also build siege equipment such as rams, catapults, ballistas, trebuchets, arrow carts, and more. You can use those to gain an edge on your opponents, defend a tower you have taken, or break into an enemy tower (The tower's gate takes a long time for the other team to break).

All and all, I think GW2 will be an awesome game for WaR to get into and we would have an awesome time with our various shenanigans all over the game.

That is good to hear, Satros.  I loved the time I played as an engineer and an elementalist.  I think those appeal to me because they are less subject to the button mashing dynamic you described because they have to switch kits and attunements, respectively.  Regrettably I did not participate in any real WvW.  I played standard PvP, which I found challenging, even on my ganky thief.  The maps are pretty interesting.  I hope they open up Asura and Sylvani for the next weekend event.

The freedom that ArenaNet has given us is incredible.  I think only Eve is more massive and majestic since it's in space, and the ability to PvP and WvW right off the bat at level 80 is a great way to see if you will actually want to play a class.  There is some grinding in the sense that the world quests take time to complete, but the quests are more differentiated than in other MMOs, and the random events add a lot of flavor and dynamism to leveling.  I think the effective level mechanic is brilliant.

I would be happy if War picked this game.

I loved the game this weekend. The fact that you can help each other in your story instances is not only helpful but can lead to some very funny moments. Its the same in world vs world very funny though they need to balance the swarm a bit. Would love if the clan all went to the game :)

Server Stress test on Wednesday, June 27th, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. PDT (GMT-7).
We'll be able to play some more then. Well for four hours at least.
Edit: They won't be wiping our chars for this one meaning that we'll be able to pick up where we left.

Furryforever wrote:
Server Stress test on Wednesday, June 27th, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. PDT (GMT-7).
We'll be able to play some more then. Well for four hours at least.
Edit: They won't be wiping our chars for this one meaning that we'll be able to pick up where we left.


The Launch date has been released 8/28/12. Question is are you ready?

Also 3 days early access if you pre-purchase. So really it starts aug 25th :D

Sat beat me to it in the shout box but not the post ;P There is a new beta weekend Friday, July 20, at noon PDT (GMT -7) and ends Sunday, July 22, at 11:59 p.m. PDT (GMT -7).

End game stuff sounds like it will be awesome. GW2 is going to be the best MMORPG ever made once it releases.

A blog post about whats going to be in the final event.
Looks like Sylvari and Asura races will be playable.

So Guildwars 2 has a race of manatee creatures.

Game of the year every year?

Satros wrote:
So Guildwars 2 has a race of manatee creatures.

Game of the year every year?

I didn't know the game could become MORE amazing. I stand corrected.

Update: Beta Weekend 3 event starts tomorrow. We will be on Teamspeak.

The server is Fort Witter for anyone who doesn't know.

What server have you guys chosen for launch?

Mama_Luigi wrote:
What server have you guys chosen for launch?

Hmm not sure yet, I will decide today I don't want to be on one with a gay community on it (IE "reddit server" etc)

SIXTEEN FUCKING HOURS LEFT (also, they said they might open servers 3 hours earlier to be sure that the actual release time goes well SO MAYBE THIRTEEN FUCKING HOURS LEFT YEA), ohey theres a forum here. i almost forgot.

also, john smith runs the gw2 economy with pocahontas