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ZaifoS needs a skin!!

i dont got a skin yet!!! if possible this is kinda what i want

1-trial pit ragnar with camo
2-some camo pants
3-some cool army boots
4-some design on his back/chest (or both) maybe swords and a bloody skull
5-something else that may look cooler (keep the camo)

i want this skin idc who does it i want it done!!
and i think thats it

needs more trap ideas 4 the funhouse (post in funhouse thread)

You wallin niggah

and if u dont want to make a skin like thatill settle for.sark conrack with some rocky textures and some blood tattoos allover iz body (like the 1 on back of swar's skin)


or maybe something that looks like my sig (look down)

yo syth can u handle hsi request?

btw any1 seen lucian around?

Yea i'll do this request

Aight so Zaifos, could u maybe post a couple of pics so i can have a good idea of what to make please?


for the camo ideas

hers 1 simple thing (didnt take the time to shade and etc etc just used a bg i found on runeed(for the rocky texture with symbols)

<-funky chinese looking symbol
for the rocky texture with symbols

camo and designs are totaly gunna clash n not make sense dude


camo skin has camo skin and pants w/ some army boots


you make the 1 with rocky textures and the red symbol thingies

(2 diff skin ideas)
(i only want 1)
(pick 1)
(both i want)
(see it now)
(hehe paranthesis)
(there so cool)
(well not totally)
(ignore this part)
( )

Het Zaifos, Stop being a little smart ass rude kid or im not making you shit. Got It?

Zaifos we are going to wait a week b4 constructing ur skin.

Hey i own a real pair of 1960's vietnam era boots, i take a pick of em and put them on myspace for you to study.