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junior members: 5 rooms per person
senior members: 8 rooms per person (slightly bigger)

also if u want a couple bigger rooms u can have say 1 big room instead of 2 normal rooms etc

each person gets a shower and a bed rooms, ill let u decide the rest

however, if your idea is extremely retarded then too bad, think of something better

also rember, this is your personal living space! theres no need for thrones n hot tubs etc

only a couple ppl can have fish tanks and only 2 or 3 can have hot tubs, it will get boring if every1 has a fish tank n hot tub in each rooms, lets get some varieties, with this said: lets hear those ideas!

Can i get a bigger room please?


What I would Like :

Fish Tank.
Dwarfworksword on a platform.
Painting of my skin on the wall.
A Dresser with a mirror.
A Bookshelf with books and skulls or something.
A Clock on the wall.
Built in lights on the Roof, They can turn on and off with a switch.
A Rug on the floor.
A Window.
A Little Planter on the ground with a bush.
And A Mini Viking ship on the dresser, like the ones on seaside.

If all these arnt possible its alright.. but please try,

Thanks man! your a awsome mapper!

thx man very detailed, i like that

duno about the clock ill try to figure sumthing out

mini ship might be hard too but i can give it a shot

all the rest will be easy, ty for posting

Thanks man sounds awsome. the clock doesnt have to work, just a picture and u could make shapes for the two clocks maybe?

also yea i understand about the miniship could u edit drawscale maybe? or make it a fake object with just a texture or something?

Fish Tank
DBA (fake floor infront of it..make them die when they fall )
a trampoline
a rug
a tree
a chandilier on the ceiling
Drums or a horn =p


Kitellia wrote:
Fish Tank with a fish in it
DBA (fake floor infront of it..make them die when they fall )
a blue trampoline
a red rug
a small tree
a chandilier on the ceiling
Drums or a horn =p
A door to get in the room that can open and close with a switch

oke, so here's what i want <.<"

wtf swar? lol!!! its way to bright to read that! just type it out

oke :s

allright, so the disco club should be like all purple, the master bedroom all dark, the bathhouse should have steam and it should be made out of wood.. and uhh o yea, there should be lever to lock the guest room door. So that's pretty much it, GL. <.<"

ok, i want a green tarp with mekai on top of the tarp in the bedroom, i want a black carpet in all the rooms, a black master bed in my bed room, the walls to be dyed to be hunter green, a bathroom (no toilet) with a nice big bath with rain coming down, and bubbles coming out of it, a pine tree in the living room with fruits on it and a light at the top, a fireplace in the living room, along with a couch, and a mini bar, and a kitchen with a table with lots of food and things on it, and a chandelier above it, and i want a picture of that sprite of kittara.exe i made in my room too,

ok to simplify things,

Kitchen (M) - Big table with plates of food on it, and a chandelier.
Bathroom (M) - no toilet, A nice big bath with rain coming down and bubbles coming out of it, and a mirror and sink.
Living (main) room (L) - Fireplace, Couch, Mini-Bar, Cristmas tree thing.
Bedroom (L) - Green tarp with mekai on top of it, Black bed, a curtan with the edens wrath and DBS behind it, Picture of Kittara.exe,

EDIT: Library (M) - books, some chairs, and a hidden teleporter.

Add to all rooms - black carpet, hunter green walls/floor, windows in (some) areas.

i hope thats good, if i think up any more i'll tell you.

lol u snaughty ass.

Master_Sos wrote:
lol u snaughty ass.

what? wtf did i do to make you say that?!

I just want alot of hammers and pictures of (Buffie Da Body) on my walls that nice round ass lol

jost posting in case i get accepted intil {{war}} but i would like a

a Picture of rune on wall
a bed in a corner
a rug in middle of room
a fishing bowl
a board game (Any)
a desk wit a monitor and possibly a computer down at bottom
a light to turn on light and turn off
a mirror somewhere near the bed anywhere is fine
a dresser
a small pool but big enoguh to fit people in to swim and to fit in room
a bathroom (no toilet ) and a shower curtain covering half of the shower wit water coming down
lastly,i would like a little size but big enough to go on,but i want a (skateboard only if u can model) but if u cant model i ould like a closet wit stuff hanging and u can slide the doors.But if u can model skatesboard notin much of the skateboard wold be fine just similar to the bike

Hey Satros.. about the Castle Pictures in ur post.. Looks Great

In my room:

-i would like that moving floor stuff i think it was in the "BeforePatch Rune" when u get disconnected.

-My walls can be the same color as the moving floor

-i would like a bed in the right hand cornor

-in between the bed and the left cornor i would like a stand that has the Viking Broadsword and the spike Shield. and some dwarven battle axes hanging by the door in the inside.

-I would like that war flag u made on my left wall..

-a transparent wall with like a little hallway and a secret (PLEASE)

-mabye a table and chairs with some meat on the table.

  • and a hanging body on my right wall.(mabye 2)

Thanks Satros See You on Rune .:"~MuchClownLove~':. Havik

omg omg omg, each room should have some sort of trap, buahahahahaha that sends you to like some spo0ked out dungeon labyrinth. buahaha!

l0StB0Y wrote:
omg omg omg, each room should have some sort of trap, buahahahahaha that sends you to like some spo0ked out dungeon labyrinth. buahaha!

lol jose didnt you always want a huge bong in your room?

Or just have it zap to my room in the catacombs of the isle. XD I can deal with the stragglers!

ThuGG wrote:
lol jose didnt you always want a huge bong in your room?

lol yea dudemy room was a beach with a huge bong, a jacuzzi with some rune bitches in it, palm trees and bo0ze hehe.
a tiki hut with a bed inside be sweet.
Wicked i remember your old scho0l room dudegave me nightmares for a week till i thought it kicked ass lol.
P.S. damn satros, gonna take you a year man to finish what everyone wants.jeese dudehope you dont get bothered to much man..g/l

simple man im keepin it simple!!!!
i want one room:
-with a DBA in a trophy case with some dead bodies
-with bed and a stabbed valk on top of it
-with walls and floors all moving with a trap door somewhere
-with some bookcases with like 2 books cuz i hate reading witha secret moving bookcase(with a switch in the wall so u cant see it
(bookcase leads to my secret caged goblins\weedfarm)

thats it (see this is so simple i can do it)