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War TeeShirts

i was bored so i designed a teeshirt warstyle


rofl those are sick as hell!!!

i wanna buy one.


hehe, i should get usm made

lawl send thoes to me VIA xbox live assited by kittie h4x.

holyshit! that niceseriously get that shit done!

give me one

seriously make some lol.

maybe, we gotta spend some money on otherstuff first tho

domain name ( is about to expire

we could use our own websevrer

and a teamspeak sevrer would be nice

i think im gunna cancel our rune sevrer for a bit tho, that way i can pay for other stuff, no1 plays there much anymroe neways

i was wondering i wanted to play mon the server but noone comes in it n ot even tricorn aka triclone lol

So war has its own bank account like thing?

no not yet, perhaps in the future it might have a paypal account

Ahh that would be neat, but how do you pay for WAR rune server? your own money sat?

i dont pay for one currently i jsut run it off of my pc

Ahh i might invest some time and bandwith into getting rune

btw this thread is about liek teeshirts so.. almost a yr later

for men

for ladies another year (or when i decide to get a paypal, or sumthing)

i would like so wear that if sadosi was on it

those are nice, another idea would be kind of like sadosi said but like jerseys

uh.ooOO not bad sat wouldent mind seeing one on a wife beater