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wikipedia is not a valid source of information as it can be edited by any user.

edits it to say frog with a garlic bulb on its back

the people who made pokemon were on crack, and we all know the people at time(ASIA) are all a bunch of dinosaur evolution loving liberals so.. yeah

Uhh jedi it says frog on the creation and conception thingy.

Ya see those little numbers like 7? That means that they got that info from an external site. If ya scroll down to the bottom you can get a link to that site. Sat just changed the wikipedia page.

actually cecil did lmao

just because a single TIME ASIA article says it how does that make it true?

shit mission faileduhh does that mean i gotta commit uhh what do they call it Seppuku?
i dont think i have to though im not wapanese.

i have some japenese in my family so i am highly offended

what? no only white people can be wapanese.
you see, tom cruise is the first wapanese, as he is the last samurai.

good movie.

well i lol'd

enjoy my fail at art and picture editing

wow that frog looks exactly like one hoyl shit