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War Castle Progress

hehehe Haviks and Zaifos' roosm are basically done.

woot woot!

i need static's, muyo's and zodiac's room requests (go to the WTF DO U WANT topic)

then i just need uhh mattmans


i got this crazy idea but what about a daytime version that has a volcano n the distance.
by daytime i mean kinda like a sunset the skies kinda orange and has a saoft orange mist to it,
add rafts to can sail you to the volcano/mountain that has lots of lava rivers and caves and canyons that lead to the center of the volcano and make like a dungeon of fire that has swinging pendulums and famethrowers and 'hot spots' that you can hammer and break the wall to make the place flood with lava.
night time version will just be like a garden of eden type island that has remembrance statues of some of the great ppl of war like Ion and etc,.
be nice to look out the castle window,and see a orange silhouette towering the skies.

yeah once i have it all finished im gunna play around with it.. last i knew Macbeth was making a skybox switcher so it will be possible to go from day to night etc .. hope he makes it soon

hmm was thinking is this map gonna be put out for us " non " war members to download?

yeah when its finished.. it will probly be out after halo 7 lolol

how far have you come? and the download how large is it

11mb lol

only it doesnt work right now.. i got a big thing to fix and if i cant fix it its done for :/ lol

hmm i was thinking how did you make thouse mauntions?
im not that good at that, tried but it always looks unrealistik :/

dude that looks cool man is it done yet or you still makin it

nah it god a big bug and i had to stop it

Satros wrote:
nah it god a big bug and i had to stop it

I need to have my home damn it!

i have an idea about the church, put some runestones in the center, and have a hole in the ceiling oabove the runestones so it looks like pretty beams of light going over them!
and put some runic and wyvern designs around the church, it should be a pagan church.
(since it is like what? 865 A.D.?)


sounds sweet what about this i have a map called celtic cross that is like your idea for a town my under world is huge and its got a castle with walls that split the map one side evil one side good but underworld is masave tunnals corodors that lead to enemy sides

osidius- this map has been completed, i remember this was the first thread i ever seen on these forums

no, was never completed, i got a bug and stoped making it

that blows

Satros wrote:
no, was never completed, i got a bug and stoped making it

isnt this the current war clan map???

What was the bug? shame to see such a great map go to waste OH sat do you have any of the spartan mod files? i miss throwing spears at people =[