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unique weapons

well since i cant code, and sat can, im just gonna brainstorm some possible weapons
so far, hes working on the Devilseeker, which is a romansword, but when powered up, it cleaves through the darkness.
so basically, it creates light, has a danglerlight effect on the blade and increased damage because its-a rare.
uhh.. hmm
the shuffle axe, when its powered up, it like throws three ghost goblin axes when you swing it, that would be pretty sick.
i guess the shuffle axe would be a dwarf battle axe, since its slow and kinda balances that out.
ooh heres a deadly sounding one, the Hauteclere, it uses the dwarfworksword lighting effect, but the lighting does no damage, but when it strikes it gives the vampire effect and replenishes the users hp, kinda parasitic.
the Colossal Blade, its like a dwarfbattlesword, but bigger, and it has serious knockback power, but since it old and dull, it does a little less damage.
uhhlets see..Masamune, which is like gonna be a vikingbroadsword, but all white and golden, when you hit someone, instead of hurting them,it heals them, but has a powerup called death sentence, which always kills in one blow without shedding any blood or severing limbs.
thats all i got right now.

nice ideas !!!

Good ideas, but make the effects more Sick and damageing =]