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The Surprise map

its a RP map, Rp standing for "Role-Play".
its aimed towards the fun of making your own damb story line.
some areas:
huge waterfall
small, secluded island town witha rain forest surrounding it
Castle Town ( complete with castle)
swampy graveyard( where you can rob the graves of long dead warriors! area is going to contain
all the high cal weapons!)
fountain of power ( a pond filled with runes, dip in as a mortal man, come out as a god!)
if you have ANY ideas, send them in please!

The swamp area and tombs are finished!

Cecil wrote:
The swamp area and tombs are finished!

i had that idea i used crates that you find around the map and in tunnals with shields food and worthles pickups all hiden in crates the you just make them invisible with a pickup tag saying you searched the crate and found a -ex. .roman sword /viking shield /limb/and so on unlit-torch is nice also lol

hmm but how would you go about coding that?
now i could just make a crate, hollow it out and make it look half opened, and have sword or something sticking out of the open end.
ive finished the basic geometry of the castle town and castle. i might make a night time version of the map to accommodate for people who are obsessed with vampires. the town itself has all kinds of alleyways, and i might put sewer in it, since im making the shit as i go

making the crate hallow seems to much work + i wouldn't want to know whats in it before i search it. . .its EZ I've already made a RPG map using this idea use the property's for the items you only have to edit 2 fields per item you put in the crate . . .there are 2 ways to achieved this ilusion either make wepon invisible which i don't remember how to do or simply make the item draw scale 0.0 but remember to set the item pickup message before you shrink them to nothing or else you wont find them in editor either lol i know from ex..

celci always make huge maps with alota theme to them ^ ^ cant wait to play it