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The Great Conflict and {{WaR}} Land

The great conflict is pretty much armageddon. No not the movie with Bruce Willis that was rate shit.

{{WaR}} land is like..well the land of {{WaR}}.
basically it's gonna have a small village in the center for guests, while members get their own manors/large houses in the countryside or somewhere else.

So, as an example i'll start shit off, My place is Fort Cezul, located on the summit of the Elswer ( pronounced ElseWhere)
Mountains, also near the dreaded Mount Goatse. As far as specifics go, the area will have about 3 dungeons, the Goatse caverns, Heroes Tomb ( IF you can find it) and Cezul's Labyrinth, where all the powerful and l33t shit are hidden.


I already got good progress on {{war}} lands, im gonna draw a not so detailed map in ms paint.

As this will be a fairly large map, there will be a one way style teleportation system, the main hub is located at Sat's fort.
Although teleportation here won't be instant, theres a small intermission that you must run like hell (< hint,hint) through.

so to make it simple..

Destination A: Where you are standing now ( Sat's Fort )
Dastination ?: ???
Destination B Where you prob wanna go ( Countryside )


The basic outdoor area of the northern mountains are complete, i just need to add the atmospheric sounds. pic will soon come.

Cecil's RealWeps

I took alot of the old weapons in rune and made them function like weapons of the renaiisance.

Ordinary Weapons

Bastard Sword: The Hero's weapon of choice, balanced and even more powerful combined with the defenses of a shield.

GrosseMesser: A large, single edged knife, a slower and more powerful variant of the dagger.

Kriegsmesser: a large, single edged longsword. Although light, the length of this blade throws you off balance a bit, so using a shield would be difficult with this weapon. But with the control of two hands, this weapon is fast and vicious and can shear through anything in it's path.

Zweihander: a massive, double edged sword, specializing in the severing of heads and breaking defenses.

Dagger: Although short, this weapon is very fast and agile, perfect for very close combat. Also flies quite nicely through the air to catch a fleeing opponent.

Scimitar: a short but hefty curved sword, used by the saracens of the east.

Spatha: a Roman longsword, commonly used by legionnares.


Kiteshield: a large steel shield reinforced with wood, perfect when paired with a Bastard Sword

Roundshields: Large round shields, although smaller than Kiteshields and weaker, they are more manageable.

sounds like a cool map, tell me when its done, ill play it

So ive got some stuff done, and im here posting a in depth description of the areas.

The River Valley
I imagined this area to be a big, busy three sectioned town, each section separated by a river. The river itself flows from three sets of mountain waterfalls, the center of the area being a big lake with satros' for coming from the lake bed and touching the sky. Theres three towns as you have probably guessed.
Murdersville is an old, mostly abandoned area, simply because of A: King Satros has quarantined the area because of the deadly T-virus, and B: Theres alot of zombies roaming around, and thus is dangerous.
Slutman city is the filthy city of sex, it's main feature being a pen0r shaped tower that when you walk in it, the player will be blown out the tower's head and into the sky.
the last section is pretty normal, just a renaiisance themed city.

The Country Side
I saw in my dreams that this place would be set at sunset, the peaceful chirping of birds and the tranquil sound of the lake there. This is pretty much where all the farms are along with some houses and medium level adventure areas. There's two main attractiong too. Tower of the Ancients, an old greek style tower, where you can climb up and get a great look at the surrounding land, and the Memorial Stone, which will detail on inactive {{WaR}} Clan members.

The Northern Mountains of Elswer
A very cold place Desolate as well. The only real sign of civilization here is the Fort Cezul, nestled on the top of Mount Elswer, next to it is a fellow war member's manor.
This place has an all around depressing feel, not to mention that those dead tress have people pinned or hanging on them. This is where all the long and difficult dungeons and caverns are as well. These places are filled with some of the most forsaken creatures in the land.
There are treasures galore here as well! The famed Valor and Devilseeker are inside those mountains, aong with the gargantuan BanHammer, but don't expect these to be easily obtained

Travel by Foot..
The funnest way to experience this map would definitely be going it by foot! All the main residential areas are separated by a dark forest, which just so happens to have all kinds of barrows and crypts dotted here and there.  One wouldnt worry too much about getting's getting ambushed by the undead!

Hey looks neeaatt
i wanna play it!

nice cecil, im gunna try to make a downloads site like RuneFiles some time, so you can upload them all somewhere that people actually run (runefiles is approved and shit like once every 10 months lol)

if i do will you help me admin it?

I can prob help you with that, since i stop by here everyday.

Im also adding alot of quest-like stuff, you know exploration,sightseeing and artifact hunting type stuff.
Im just gonna make a list of the quests, because we all know Americans love lists.

Quests within the countryside of Vaul
Temple of Aquarius
Basically, the outside entrance appears as a tower rising from the countryside lake, the adventure will have to descend many stairs to actually enter this temple. The Aqua Crystal is said to be found here.

Quests within the Mountains of Elswer
Cecil is a collector of artifacts, but hes also sportsman likeSo he's hidden these artifacts around the the mountains somewhere..But theres a catch, these artifacts are guarded well, for Cecil has summoned high tier demons to guard these treasures!

Hero's Tomb
Located deep in the mountains, this tomb is home to a legendary sword. Many have came here, but never returned.

Temple of Aries
Located deep in the mountains, the main way to travel there has been blocked by an avalanche. There is said to be another way in through a cavern inside Mount Goatse. The world crystal is said to be here.

The BanHammer
A mighty hammer used in the first clan wars, Cecil has it hidden inside one of the many caves on Mount Elswer.

An indestructible shield of Mithril that gives off a holy aura, found somewhere in the mountains.

The River Valley area Quests

The Sword Of Champions
Supposedly located within one of the mountain wateralls, stabbed into a pedastal. Waiting for the day when someone will draw the sword from it's resting place.


you put a lot of thought into your creations cecil, i like that

The ancients tower

Fort Cezul

EtzinKeit Falls

nice screenies dude, your getting really good i especially like the trees and mountains keep up the good work


btw if you need any quickuploads for screenies dont forget to use

Cecil's RealWeps Continued
The Legendary Weapons

All around the map are weapons of great destructive power, some of them you might have already heard about..

Sword of Champions
The product of smithing holy mithril and destructive adamant together, creating a new alloy, Adathril.
This sword is simply one of the most powerful weapons to ever spill blood.

Devilseeker aka Excalibur
A legendary mithril bastard sword, it was left behind when an archangel returned to the high heavens.

An indestructible shield of mithril, its holy aura can penetrate the darkest depths of hell.

A devastating zweihander of adamant, nothing can withstand it's keen edges.

A mighty hammer used in the first clan wars, the hammer's head is made from a chunk of the heavenstone. Thunder can be heard when it strikes flesh.

The product of both the Devilseeker and the Einlanzer forged together! With this, the Hero awakened the wrath of the planet to destroy all demonic corruption.

An unholy blade forged in the boiling hells, made of the most defiled adamant. Said to have been forged upon the anvil of malice, a dark anvil adorned with the skulls of saints. It's power rivals that of Devilseeker.

An indestructible shield made of darkness. This foul piece of armour corrupts all light around it.

Will you release this map anywhere? I hope yes cause I really love big outside maps  :)

hes in the process of remaking it (if he ever does that)

Cecil, you never cease to amaze me with maps, you dont just make maps, you also have a story behind them, i think its cool you use your imagination, idk is your on massive drugs to think this lol but good job i look forwar to playing ti with you. If you would, when its done tell seraphim so he can put it on the lsd site so it can be there for dl and on redirect ty  :mellow:

I take a shit load of lsd and play diablo and doom 3 while high on said lsd. that's where i get my ideas.