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Split Wallpaper.

Hello Peoplez. Here is my first wallpaper.

Ps. Wick beat this biotch! lol jk

Also ImageShack sucks so it resized. Good Fight!

Also i made all of it. not including the render. but i did do a lot of work to that either way. so i basicly made it all.

u made the guy?

btw u shuld use cus imageshack is a biotch just make sure u change the code to instead of www.img.covguild

neways it looks real nice, good work

No i didnt make the guy, but i did do a lot of work on him.

also i tried to upload to there but it said it was to big!

oh haha, nice tho i can tell u do alot cus it looks diferent from ur sig

hey nice work