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Sparta Mod Weapons Reference Art

-Spartan Sword

-Traditional Spartan Shield

-300 Spartan Shield

-Immortal Sword
-Persian Gerron Shield

-Persian Spara Shield

-Athenian Kopis

-Athenian Shield
-Athenian Shield 2

MACEDONIANS (myrmidons included)
-Macedonian Xiphos

-Myramidon Shield

-Macedonian Shield

thats a cool pi cof Achilles.

cough Brad Pitt cough omg but i like that athenian kopis sword thingy it= teh nice

hmm some nie little weaponry there, i still say make the sophisticated age mod, with rapiers , kniggits in plate armor, and big ass swords. hmm im gonna stoit a map idea thread i guess out of pure boredom.