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Some new ideas for DM-Rp-Towns

well, im gonna add new chit to Towns when i feel like it, thus upgrading it from like 1.00 to 1.02 or something lol.

my next plan is to add two new areas, one containing a vortex ( new area #1 ) leading into some sort
of Hell/Purgatory type area ( area #2 ).
and the vortex is pretty much gonna be some kinda almost bottomless pit, possibly used to serve a death sentance to
a murderer, but no one has ever came back from the pit so no one knows where the hell it ends at.
the area is gonna look very dreamy yet nightmarish at the same time, and i might put an angelic stairway that leads out
but its gonna be hidden.
be forewarned, im gonna put Alot of satanic imagery in the area, which i could load up some new objects or something.
like ripped bleeding torsos hanging by a chain or something.

well the above is done.

oi, now for the final expansion to what i think is the biggest map in Rune history,
i call the new land, EverFrost ( for it will be snowy ).
EverFrost will have an even bigger forest of eternal night.
the new forest will be more hazardous/poisonous/swampy,
so watch out for puddles of acidic swamp water. It will also be home to Lord Sadosi's mansion,
which has long sincd been abandoned, and rumour has it Lord Sadosi's ghost haunts it's halls.
the exit from the forest will be the termite dungeon!
Indeed the way to Greenland will be a long and treacherous journey! in order to get there you must brave
the underground pass, Everdark Forest ( the new bigger forest of night ), the haunted mansion and the termite dungeon
to reach the new city. thats right its not just some old lanky wooden town, its a city!
its divided into three quarters. It has a Ghetto section, a Middle class section and a Militaristic section ( you know garrisons for soldiers, small fort, etc.) This city is actually the capital of Rp-Towns! where the king himself lives!
but thats not all! across the strait there are two mountains. now one of them holds the dwarven fort which hold the legendary sword Einlanzer! The other is the habitat of dragons!
well after the expansion is added and proof played welli'll call it quits for Rp-Towns. the map will probably be one of those legendary sought after levels in years to come

Im liking These ideas =] just wished the map didnt lag soo bad with all the monsters =[