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some maps that ive been working on

well im gonna spill the beans on some of the stuff im working on,

When Leon last saw his once beautiful home, it was burning to the ground.
now 200 years later, the once glorious capitol city of Valchia is now restored!
In this map you'll find alot of familiar things for sure.

DM-Heroes Tomb
Battle between humans and devils begin deep in a sanctuary over the final legend's corpse.

DM-The Great Conflict
During the final hours of the rp-towns mission, a great plateau rises forth from the bottom of the lake and upon that plateau the womb to hell is opened. now you can participate in one of the last chaotic battles in the story!

your home is buried in a mudslide! as supplies run low, family are forced to draw swords upon each other..

Not even Death can save you here.

200 years into rp-towns' future.

if you notice, alot of these actual DM maps are based on areas in my stories.