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Save Rune Video

ive been thinking up an idea for a short vid to promote the free-rune petition

the vid would open on a bunch of guys (7 or so) playing in DMA, one by one we would lose 1 guy with the year inbetween example:

i mgiht cut it to 2 years tho or sumthing cus it will get boring

all 7 fighting
5 fighting
3 fightting
present day (2007)
one guy fighting but not realizing theres no1 else, stops and looks around
"wtf whered everyone go??..ohwell i guess ill go masterbate"
words come up: HELP SAVE RUNE
Visit (petition link or wtv)

Nice idea actually

yea good idea

i dont get it.

lol yeah ill be the one who owns the hell out of everyone else

we know venwe know, you think HH will see the vid tho?


prolyl not, but hopefully ppl on youtube and other shit will and might sign

Damn thought you Been Workin on De movie a While Ago .
my Rune Got Deleated need to Get it agin