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Satros skin

jsut planning up a skin, not sure if ill ever make it but hey who knwos i might get bored one day

anyways the chest is based off of saturos from golden sun

the rest will be more improvised and give the skin mroe character, it will also look bad as (if i ever finish the design or skin lol)

lol no sat skin we need a venom skin1
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looks nice dude, so hmm.. i thoguht you would base your skin of leather ragnar, mines either gonna be remus or sark axe.

Hey sat i just wanted to try out a few things and this is what i got.
you like?

syth i love you.

ill take your design when im makign it (althot altered a bit with some chainmail) that looks awsome tho nice

lol yeah i was thinking about adding some chainmail but decided not to

hmm i jsut thot, if some1 made a program to preview skins like, u jsut put thetextures on them model in a simple program it would be alot easier to make good skins (less trial and error in rune and rune ed and importing)

hmm chain mail would be nice, and i like the rr chain mail effect in the other clan skins, who ever it was, nice work. of course im more of a half plate person literally meaning only a breast plate, a shoulder plate, plate kilt, plate boots , chain mail and vambraces, no joints or such aat the knees and elbows, give maximum mobility. ive finally decided what my ski is gonna be on, Sark axe. the skin ive always used in 1.00.
yee haw.
so.. sat whats the helm gonna be like?

lol thanks cecil

looks cool to me.

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sat this is getting really annoying lol.
bots come in every day the more i delete the more they come back.

id help if someone gave me admin back!