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Rune DM map's

thiese map's wer an idiea so i made them . check them out. . .

old ass map"s . . . .
DM-Dungeon Sickle>>>
DM-Ancient Coliseum-no-BL>>>
no screen shots of these . . .

u shuld upload it to

i can approve your account/file once u make it on runefiles, just msg me

sat did you test it for virus/trojans/malware/adware?
and is it good?

I up loaded a bunch of maps to runefile' there still unaproved 2 thumbs on each. . .
i scanned them with AVG anti virus/addawareSE personal. .&. . .A2. .Squared!!!! <>>removes trojans/worm's/mailware.. . .EX

the auther of the maps IS Unix witch was my user name on runeV1

the map's are decent that are on runefiles the one's above are my 1st ones i made. . .

ones on runefiles
there not long to load like 4 textures for ea map playability is high nice flow . . .

Yo osidius i approved all your files today on
sorry it took so long, they werent showing up on the unapproved list until today

yeah i see them now . .
if you want you can remove the dubble thumbs lol . . .well when i previewed them they dint show up so i added them again maybe that's why it took so long lol