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paint job

and fuck dude i really tried to make it look cool but im soo homo in paint >;<

:(:3): :(:3): :(:3): :(:3): :(:3): :(:3): :(:3): :(:3): :(:3):

what about we start a drawing competition with paint onlly .D

sure, based on randomness/lulzyness/etc?

I win? :)

i so win

:bulba: :bulba: :bulba: :bulba: :bulba: :bulba: :bulba: :bulba: :bulba: :bulba:

haha owned ellsessar gets hanged!

I lol'd at you sig.

rofl xD
i love my signature its so dedicated to one guy

Yeah, you pretty much owned them :)
good work lol

BTW this thread is fucking epic, rose your good lol, keep posting guys

Thanks, Sat!

Should i make a contest? Prize = WaR Shirt.


Rose wrote:


P.S.: I have to say that made me lol xD

and you typed "Ellassar" xD

Ellessar wrote:

thats just not cool dude..

Darth wrote:

You fail at copying my idea.