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Official Manatee Online Thread

I am pleased to bring you the first models of Manatee Online: A WaR Clan Production.

I will be creating models and posting them here as I make progress.

Satros will then program some test runs for the clan to enjoy using these models.

Basically Asteroids, but you're a manatee, and its online, so yeah.

Share your thoughts and suggestions! ;-)

This is gonna be sick, its gonna be like a survival mmo where you swim around and explore as a manatee with your manatee friends

New Seaweed models :thumb:


garbage coming soon!

Download Build 001 -

Looks good to me! lol I tested it, works great!

Potential Esport

A first look at multiplayer with Satros, Jioji, and myself.

The first enemy of Manatee Online Six Pack Plastic!!!

The start of a manatee song I threw together the other day. Going to improve it and add more once my Thanksgiving vacation is over.

Click here, yo.

Fixed the issue with the camera collision and also added the ability to barrel roll at a slow speed. I wasn't able to get the rolling to replicate to other players, only locally (ran out of time before I had to go to bed), but I will figure it out when I get back from thanksgiving. New build coming next week.

the start of a swamp

Survival MMO. Swim around as a peaceful manatee in a surreal world that's out to kill you. Explore fascinating atmospheric waterscapes while vibing out to dope tunes. In a sense, this is a "game about nothing", this is the game you play when you are too hungover to play anything more stressful. This is for us to see if we can actually produce something and learn UE4.

Pre-alpha release target:
Start with a single large map, a couple enemies, a couple songs, and basic gameplay mechanics

Pre-Alpha Programming tasks:
-Start Menu
-Health bar (perma-death)
-Endurance bar (allows speed boost)
-Air bar (hurts you if it runs out)
-Surfacing mechanic (replenishes air and endurance)
-Hunger bar (need food to survive)
-Level system (get fatter the more food you eat)
-Enemies (???)


-Fan Boats
-Flood Control Mechanisms
-Sea Mines
-The Red Tide

-Marsh (everglades, maze like)
-Swamp (spooky)
-River (power plant, flood controls)
-Party Beach
-Reef/Sunken Ship
-Abandoned Waterpark (Disney has some abandoned parks to use for inspiration, this will be a parkour/skate park like place)
-Sanctuary (tutorial level?)

I like all these ideas.

The theme song is NICE!