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kay so you know how ive been studying wizardry and magick and whatnot? well i have. and you know like, numerology? WELL. i devised my own formula for coming up with lucky and unlucky numbers. i actually developed it in like grade 7, took me an entire gym class, calculated my lucky number to be 113.25. BUT i was thinking recently, thats pretty old.. i should really update it o_O

SO, after a lot of thought, and math, and calculations, i came up with not only my new lucky number, but also my unlucky number. :D

my official lucky number is 413,202.95 and my official unlucky number is 476.05.

im pretty proud of myself, i think its pretty accurate.


oh hey, sat, do you want a lucky number? :D do any of you? =o i could probably figure it out for you if you did ^.^

I already have one, its 14.

how did you figure that out? <.< i bet i could do it more thoroughly and mathematically

I've already got a lucky number :) It's 6,666.66
Thanks though

Intergral of [birthdate as a whole] from 0 to 1 * Log([number of siblings]) mod [years apart of parents ages] = LUCKY NUMBER

umm. well. maybe. thats def nowhere near the formula i used though lol.

Kar wrote:
umm. well. maybe. thats def nowhere near the formula i used though lol.

Mines more accurate obviously

nooo i spent a long time creating mine!

Bet it doesnt use any more math than division/multiplication/addition/subtraction :lolface:

but yeah 14 is defiantly my lucky number I once only had 1 chip left in a casino, placed it on #14 in roulette and won like $150  :fuckyea: