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My Xbox Dashboard background

check this shit out ^ ^


holy shit thats awesome. howd ya do it? get pictures of f your comp?

hook it up to your computer and go to the media blade, pictures, computer, select your computer, find the picture

have to get Windows Media Connect first though

or jsut put it on a cd and then put it on ur xbox

btw incase any1 wants

holy shit yes. Thanks

yay ima do that

already done slow pokes

lolll good times on gow last night

So you can do that with any picture?

yeah you need a way to get the picture to your xbox360 tho, either by putting it on a mp3 player or on a cd, or u need to get it with windows media center

orgasms nice, i want to hook it up but im too lazy to go find a usb to connect my 360 to my comp