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My Skate Video Promo!!!

lol Gnar, haven't I been watching promo videos for this for the past half year?

I liked the one with the animated text in the intro better

haha more like a year and a half, but its coming soon enough


nice skylar
that pic of paul is like, paul
who the fuck is that one kid tho? lol


we should do that one thing i talked about with the cloning some time, thatd be sick.

also if you ever need help or idears gimme a call yamean kbye gj

ThanksBUD! yeah I wanna do that cloning thing for the intro that would be cool. ill have to get everyone together at the same time tho and that will be annoying but ill do it somehow. that random kid is like israeli hes weird haha he lives in millbrook, yeahhhh.