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Junior rooms positioning

this is the junior room layout, u get 1 couch, 1-2 chairs, 3 small side tables, a bookcase, a bed, a painting(not needed), a shower, you also have a small room to the side that u can put a kitchen in or wtv u want really, i can also add a room with sumthing in it after the bedroom, anyways, tell me where and how u want things positioned..

and maybe a carpet beside the bed

sry its messy i did it in paint while eating cheezits and talking to cambrano on msn so stfu

lol np, ill have to switch ur showerroom and gobby room but that wont be a problem really,

also the bookcase an d painting by defualt arei n that middle room where u put the painting, the bookcase goes on the side u put the painting and the painting goes on the side opposite to it cus it doesnt take up much room, hope thats ok, other wise thx!

but that only leaves the bed in the bedroom.which makes it a boring room
maybe u could add a fish tank with danglers in bedroom if u r gunna move the bookcase

nah now u got 2 bookcases hehe

cool just tell me when u want the picture for the painting i alrdy got a picture i want
and its alrdy in a texture file
with a bunch of others

ppls requests i have:

PPls i need:
Lostboy the room with the bedcan u put people hanging on chains(like in singleplayer when u touch the body it moves with the chain)if u dunno how to do that i do

hmm i'll think up something in the next day or two

how ever u want it to be sat. just make it like the old {{WaR}}castle ro0m in details. sand palm trees beer, bong, and ladies.

l0StB0Y wrote:
and ladies.

Oh yea, I love those ugly ass valkyries too.

Lucian wrote:
Oh yea, I love those ugly ass valkyries too.

you know it

l0StB0Y wrote:
you know it

you got it.