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introducing: war clan

heres a vid idea

me and wick wuld walk around the caslte introducing the idoits we are

heres a few ideas for some people we would meet up with

we walk up to him and werel ike hey hows it going? "IM A NINJA BITCH", syth poofs into smoke and teleports 3 feet away "im still working on that part.."

"this is kittara shes always mad"
"sat and wick close door and run hear muffled yells of kittara behind door"

swar and lucian : argueing in lithuanian and were like..those are the lithuanians swar and lucianyea..were gunna stay away from them

etc etc think up ideas that are funny and in now way cool

ROFl thats bad ass, for mine we could just use the teleport trick and ill just summon a few smokes and make them drawscale 3 or 2.

then i will just run off after i reapear with a 1000 groundspeed.

and then sat and wick go to cecils room, ridiculosuly covered in blood and limbs with strappy, hi titanum toothed henchman greets them.
Satros: yeah thats cecil, he likes sharp objects.
Wick: me too.
satros go into cecils room to see him looking at his gunrack.
Satros: cecil why do you have a gunrack over your gunrack.
Cecil: one sword and gun too many.
Cecil: say would you like some roast?
Sat & wick: sure!
after sat and wick eat the roast cecil kindly tells them that that is the rump roast of sark ass,
Sat: where did you get this rump sark?
Cecil: sat, remember them two sarks that ame at the door?
Sat: ohh yeah.. * goes to some sepia tone 60s flashback*

lol nice

with what you guys have accomplished with Skins,maps,and etc. i am looking forward to seeing a video.


ooooh i wanna be in it!! what can i do? ^___^

pretty suree they dropped this idea lol