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I got a movie project here.

Well, as you may know i got several SP maps made, that have their own little story.
i thought it would be pretty fucking cool, if we got our clan to reinact the whole story of the map.
im gonna put some story summaries taken directly from the map Readme's myself.

DM-FinalLegend's is as Follows:
an evil tower has ascended from the dark bottoms of the lake
and a evil sorcerer lives in the top of that tower.
as legend has it, many centuries before the tower was built to
reach the heavens but they mages used the wrong magic and made it
the gateway to hell.
now an evil sorcerer has captured the village's priestess and
plans to sacrifice her noble blood to the demonstone to open
the gateway to hell and unleash a horde of demons.
as you and your buddies prepare and ready your gear,
an eerie green mist covers your hometown, and you hear a big bang.
you look out the window and see the village in flames, and strange
demons have encased your village with a wall,and plan on converting
you, your people, your friends into their army.
its probably too late for you to save anyone, but now your in Hell,
and the only way out is through!

To Hell And Back ( V1):ever since a meteor feel near the local pub, there has been a rise in beasts.
the hole inside the meteor was dug out and used the alloys within it to make weapons, but
all goes wrong when the miners hit the core of meteor, releasing deadly acid that dug
through the earth, ever since then, the hole within the huge rock has been a gateway
through which ferocious beasts come out.
but the good in this is tourism! warriors from as far as asia have come to test
their mettle against the ferocious beasts within. many have went in. none come out but on
a full moon you can hear the hallowed screams of those left to die alone in the cold,
dark earth.
word has it, that a demon commander that calls himself "The Butcher" is digging his way
though the hole, making a new exit, and plans to flank the helpless above and drag them
down in the dark earth to their doom.
but amongst those that claim to be mighty warriors,one stands alone from the rest.
he takes his viking axe and broadsword, and readies his shield. as he exits he
grabs a torch.
"i'll stop the butchers raid!" the hero boasts.
Will YOU be that hero?

TBH(V2):the hero has chased the butcher farther east, into the mountains to another site where
another meteor supposedly fell, since the hero gained a little renown and fame,
several other warriors went with him. they knew they were close behind the butcher, for
wherever the demon went, there was dismay and death.
the warriors came across a abandoned pub, and so some equipment. they geared up and rested
for the night.
the searched around the pub and found an entrance to an old mine shaft.
the tales of an old haunted mineshaft were true.
and if the mineshaft exists, then so too must the major evils lurk within.
as the four heroes walked in the darkness seemed to devour them

ForTheLastTime ( TBH3):The innocent demon,Belial, instructed to the four heroes to head
northwest, towards the forgotten ruins of valachia, where
satan, who was ousted from hell by the three minor evils.
because of satan's very presence there, the environs turned into
a dark wood, and the once holy ruins known as Valachia,
are now defiled.
the four heroes found the entrance to the crypt, where the well of voyage
is supposed to be located.. a long lost well that takes its traveller
to the other realm.
The heroes were greeted by the undead, a sure sign of a great demon's
inhabitance,and they fought deeper into the cold earth,until they felt
a hot breeze hit their faces,and the stench of burning flesh hit them like a
wave of locusts.
The were finally in hell, surrounded by its lawless inhabitance.

the cast of characters and appearances for them for final legend are:
For THB series ( their costumes in order of Episode)
The Hero ( ShipwreckRagnar,SnowRagnar,LeatherRagnar)
The other three cast members, like the hero, are unnamed,
so any name or skin different from the Hero's is fine.
Belial {TBH2} ( SarkRagnar)

this might be a neat ass project, get one of us to spectate and have admin codes, so when our actors encounter the Npc's in the map, the spectator and close up and go slomo and do some neat ass 300 looking chit.


cecils always got great ideas he should be on one of those reality shows, like americas next movie writer or whatever it was called or he should write a book lol. "The adventures of Ragnar"

ThuGG wrote:
cecils always got great ideas he should be on one of those reality shows, like americas next movie writer or whatever it was called or he should write a book lol. "The adventures of Ragnar"

the viking?

Lol the adventures of Fagnar, the homosexual viking. it shall be about ragnar's secret feelings for conrack.
its gonna be one of them action/romance kinda novels lol
on another note, and gladly saying i wont be writing that novel because its so GAY, after i get outta the military,
im gonna go to college and get like game making skillz.
then im gonna make a Rune mod which turns it into this badass Diablo-esque Game.
if i does that, it'll have the fast paced action of Rune, and the similar RTS like gameplay of Diablo.
hell i might even add a CREATE-A-VIKING thingy, so you can CUSTOMIZE YO SHIT FOO.
lol Sarkaxe's head on Darviking's body. it just doesnt match.
anyways, back to topic, which movie are we doing first?

ThuGG wrote:
cecils always got great ideas he should be on one of those reality shows, like americas next movie writer or whatever it was called or he should write a book lol. "The adventures of Ragnar"

THUGG MAH BOI!!!1!ONE!1!1!111!!!! those stories up thar are the actual point of the level.
so yeah load of final legend, what will you find? eerie green lighted village in flames, haunted mountains,ghostly bitches,
right now, im just like , revamping my older maps, altering lighting and shit.
make it look better.