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I could use some skins made..

mmm'k.. Im gonna need skins for this Final Legend project, mainly of the characters.

Leon Van Hoffen: Town Ragnar
Has blond wavy hair, wears a blue tunic, pants are leather and wears jack boots, He wears a manica on his right arm.

Vlad Belikov: Sven
Wears a breast plate,pauldrons and tassets, the only arm armour he has are vambraces ( steel), his tall boots are plated with armour. Pants colour is a faded grey/green, hair colour is a light brown. eyes, yellow.

Fritz Belikov:Town Ragnar
Wears a breastplate, has a pauldron on his left arm. hair colour dark brown, eyes blue.

Giovanni Missaglia: Elder
hair colour is black, his skin chalky white. His robes are grey with blood stains. Wears an inverted cross amulet.

Tormentor: Sarkaxe
his eyes are dark red, the rest of his body seems to be covered in dry blood, his armour rusted.

Sir Cecil: Mongolian
Wears a chain mail hauberk with a breast plate and pauldrons, his helmet visor is always down, wears black robes underneath his armour, his boots are plate mail.

Sir Lucian:?
What do you want? yes your in the story Lucian.

Oh, cool I'll have to think

if you show me progression with final legend (like you get a lot of maps or whatever done)
then ill try to find the time to do the skinning

(just so i dont skin a lot for something that might never be finished)

Cool deal.