Forum / Workshop / I am starting this thread for a place to post mah musiks.

I am starting this thread for a place to post mah musiks.

I just need to decide the best format in which to post it. It will be hurr soon. kthxbai

schweet broski!

k here goes, the first two are arrangements I made from a game called Super Mario RPG.

Margarie Margarita - this plays in a level where a creepy chick with huge tits has taken over some dude's castle. Arranged for harpsichord.

Beware the Forest Mushrooms - This plays in the Forest Maze level. Some of you may be familiar with "Rawest Forest" video on the intarwebz in some places. This is a wind quartet arrangement.

The third is a woodwind trio I wrote last semester. It is supposed to be played, along with my string quartet, which I will probably complete this week, at the end of the semester. These are all midi instruments, but they are sampled, so they are unsynthed, so the sound quality is decent. It will still be nice to hear my piece performed by actual human beings.

As yet, this is untitled. I am open to suggestions. I basically tried to do this piece writing in as much of a video game style as my comp teacher would let me get away with.


i like them, they all sound Renaissancey though :P

what program do you use to arrange?

2 words for you, Finisher.. Electric Guitar.

It probably takes a lot of skill to compose that stuff which is why i agree with nossida, your obviously very skilled, i bet you could make some sick tracks :P

but i like em

@Satros: Yeah, well, the arrangements are just from game tracks, as stated. The piece that is my original work is in a style that I particularly enjoy writing in. I'm sort of diving into a lot of theory, but traditional harmony is based on triads on root movements by fourths and fifths (bass movement if the bass always has the main note of a chord). Contemporary harmony is about chords built out of different intervals and artificial scales. I found a very attractive sound by mixing these two things, with more traditional harmony but doing root movement by primarily 2nds, 3rds, and 6ths.

@Nossida: Yes, I have some experience with song writing, as I am a bassist and played in a few bands in my high school days. My tastes have waxed further and further into the art music domain, however. But, upon request, I could write something different.

@ThuGG: Sibelius 5, and if I can get money, I will upgrade to Sibelius 6. Finale is used by a lot of people who are very serious, as it has a few more options. But it's atrociously user-unfriendly. Sibelius also allows for MIDI sequencing. You can stretch or condense one sequence as much as you want without distorting the quality, therefore fitting it to certain scenes or specified time limits. It's pretty hot.

Yay, musician :D
Write me some metal I could practice my death growl on xDDD

oh okai

oooh these are really cool finisher! the first one is really pretty, i think the middle one is my favourite thoughhhh. win.

cool! :) i like em

wtf, Stat out of nowhere

edit: posting a new thing to the drop. The above links no longer have music on them. I can send anybody the files, though, if they want them.


Dude epic, this is really really good