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Here is a new drawing i did Sorry for the crappy quality.. my scanner sucks

damn kid, i told him if he kept playing with sticks his eye would get poked out and now look at him

nice pic

rofl thanks

btw it's a Headband From the show Naruto

lol interesting hehe, nice.

Very nice. Are you planning on messing with it on the computer, or leave as is?

Damn Synthest your a single individual with multiple talents.

lol thanks, but im not that great really, iv seen people 100x better than me with 100x diff stuff they are good at, lol.

but then again im only 13 so i guess im okay

stop being modest go die!

lmao nope, ninjas are immortal

Sythest put your mind into medical studies,and maybe youll find us the cure for cancer.

ROFL! ill cut someone open and use my ninja hacks with my katana, then it will be fixed, thats it

i draw like a cow
cows draw?

Feel-it wrote:
i draw like a cow
cows draw?

oh btwnice drawing.i say anyone who draws.. post it up..i hope its not just me and syth.posting some soooooonn