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heres this year's rune christmas map that i have started, theres still much to be done though

some of you may remember last years map, compelte with lodge,icerink,snowball fight area, and warmas tree place

this year will have all of that and more! we will be havign a big rune event too where we will play the map

things this year will have:

-grand lodge with food areas, rooms to sleep in, and more!
-snowball fight area with better snowballs than last year
-big ice rink complete with nets
-secret weapons, and perhaps modeled weapons such as candy canes and presents
-hill for sledding/snowboarding with jumps and such

some screenshots, ive only worked on this map on 3 ocasiosn about a hr to 30 mins each so there is still a lot to be done

the lodge(empty)

the lodge(outside) and tree area(unlit)

ice rink and igloos

"good job satros"

thx guys!

woah satros awesome! genius you get another star in my book now you have 3 stars! remember what u get when u get 5

SaDosi wrote:
what u get when u get 5

a restraining order?

yah no shit!!!. . . thats comeing from a guy who gets off on shit literaly

LMAO Osidius. The icon was the best.

kool shit sat! im gonna be throwing some balls on people.

looks pretty sweet! nice job

Wow, looks nice, gotta get Rune on this computer

Lucian wrote:
Wow, looks nice, gotta get Rune on this computer

yeah we could use another

Satros wrote:
"good job satros"

thx guys!

is it done yet xD

no >.> lol

why not

Kitellia wrote:
why not

its due to them new weps and late christmas presents!!!!


Cecil wrote:

i bet your like me if you start making something you loose sleep till its done!!!

Can their be a strip club in this map lol cant wait to see this map ingameif war ever comes back to rune :'(