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well, im working on another map, and for too long i have not seen a 300 themed map.
ive gotten pretty far already, although its not an exact replica of the beach in the movie,
it has a resemblance.
its got two bases, each with passages so they can flank the other player's base.
base 1 has like a mountain range kinda thing that rises above the other opponent's base,
base 2 has a secret cavern passageway that leads to base 1's base.
each base is going to have low tier weapons, while the higher tier weapons can be found at the top of some
the rocks protruding from the deadly spiky rocked shore.
another thing, Sat, you know those 300 weapons you were working on?
why dontcha finish them and we can make a version with norm weps or 300 style weps.

GET STARTED SON ill be lookin forward to playin that map

sparta skin to kthx

Wher u Get that map Maker Shitz at?

it comes with rune

go into ur rune system folder n run rune ed, (named RUNEED) it prolly wont work the first time, so u go here if it doesnt work at first

it work for me the first time

If only sat's spartan weapons were still around, it would go perfect with this